Claw nails, rainbow hair and butt pads, these fashion trends need to DIE in 2016

2016 has been the year of experimentation. We saw great fashion statements, but also some weird disasters. Oops! Here're 11 trends we to say bye-bye for good.

Who doesn’t love new fashion statements? We watch in awe when designers bring new trends in town and go gaga over our favourite celebrity’s outfits. From defining new fashion goals with our squad to welcoming crazy experiments with open arms, we have all been there, done that. Speaking of crazy, 2016 was the year of wackiest experiments. We drooled over Katrina’s abs, fell in love with Priyanka’s lip shades and went berserk over Ranveer’s moustache. With every high comes a low, there are few trends we need to say bye-bye for good. Let’s find out more about such trends which should definitely not be a part of 2017:

Flowery Tiaras


Tiara (Photo: Instagram/Flormoar)

In spring fests, concerts and live events, you’ll always find some girls with flowery headbands and claim to be “free spirits”. Rather those flowery crowns and headbands are going way overboard in the name of fashion and are tacky. Instead, put an imaginary crown on your head and give the world some relief.

Ripped Jeans

They have been around for a long long time. You could easily pull off a casual punk look with a pair of distressed jeans and white shirt. But hey, what if the distressed denim becomes even distressing, maybe to a point where you want to just put a STOP sign. Let go of your heavily distressed jeans just like you let go your New Year resolutions.

Leggings as Pants aka Jeggings

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Jeggings are said to be fashion trend from hell. Well, you’d look awkwardly pantless if you happen to wear a nude shade. Secondly, they don’t really go with anything be it a t-shirt, top, pullovers or even dresses. They are awkward and confused piece of clothing. I agree, blending is fun but can we just keep our jeans and leggings separately, please?

Claw nails and heavy nail art

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Nail trends are constantly increasing. From furry nails, stiletto nails, spiky nails to duck feet nails and 3D bubble nails, these trends are just weird and should stay in 2016. They are time-consuming, require a lot of precision and yet the end product is somehow ugly. Seriously, go basic.

Sheer gowns

2016 was the year of sheer. That rhymes, eh? From fashion runways to sidewalks, sheer dresses were everywhere. We are bored and seriously want a new fashion trend.

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Eyebrow on fleek

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Blame it on Cara Delevinge, the #EyebrowOnFleek trend seems insurmountable. But is it really? Instagram bloggers have gone so overboard with it that they actually seem over painted, pretty unrealistic and bizarre, it’s high time we must put an end to it.


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Is it a dress? Or is it a shirt? Do we really need to know? Contemplate your choices and let’s not complicate.

Heavy contouring

This #meme still makes me want to cry #contourfail #contour #badtimes

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Using dark and light shades to give definition to your face is one of the biggest trends which inspired zillions of YouTube videos and Instagram tutorials. Now, why it should stay in 2016? Firstly, it is like setting unnatural beauty standards which stress too much on altering your face. Secondly, with face contouring came weird trends like ear, neck, toes, eyes, stomach and even butt and armpit contouring. Do I need to give you any other reason why it ought to stop?


When the stellar star Emma Watson can refuse to wear a corset for her film Beauty and The Beast, why can’t you? In a world, where being in your own body is a thing, corsets prove to be an irony. Throw that darn corset and let your body stay loose.

Rainbow hair

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The name sounds so funky and cool, yet Rainbow hair is the worst hair trends we must get away. It’s a lot of money, lot of hard work and a lot of damage to your hair.

Butt pads

Keep it real Mamas!!!

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Thanks to curvy models and celebrities (read: Kardashians!) Butt pads are a rage these days. If you really want awesome bums then be best friends with squats. Butt seriously, those pads are odd and look extremely fake. Let the Kardashian clan alone and aller naturelles (or Butt natural!)

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