WATCH: 7 Weird yet awesome fitness videos of 2016 you can't miss

The most searched workout routines as per Google are out and they will leave you wondering if they are actually real! In the workout videos, we can see people going completely bonkers over these crazy fitness routines. I guess normal gym routines were a straight no-no for these people. You can spot these restless workout freaks trying something new every other day.

These workout routines are really weird and cannot be categorised under any normal fitness routines. Looking at these videos, you will ponder over whether mortals like us actually went ahead and tried these routines.

FYI, these steps are completely different from our daily gym or yoga practices.

Check them out here:

Cize Workout

Cize in an exercise is a kind of dance routine which has “very simple movements that you do every day but this is a little in rhythm” as mentioned in the video. This routine will increase your metabolism and will additionally improve your dancing skills so much so that you can dance to the fullest without stopping at any Punjabi wedding.

Zuu Workout

This is a completely different gym exercise which has been inspired by the animal kingdom. The names are no less weird like frog squat and rock press. But, the good news is that it is an equipment-less routine so, it can be easily done at home.

Murph Workout

This workout is a tribute to late Navy Lt Michael Murphy – a SEAL killed in Afghanistan. Just as the military practices, this workout is harsh and fierce and involves some heavy weight lifting and pushing the body to its extremes.

Steve Reeves Full body workout

Steve Reeves was a famous American bodybuilder and was even compared to the Greek gods for his muscular appearance. Reeves was one who believed in smart workouts sans the usage of steroids. His workout routine is more natural and demands just three days off your busy schedule.

Bungee Workout

Who hasn’t heard about the adventurous and crazy sport that is bungee jumping? This workout utilises a bungee rope which makes it an extremely fun exercise for you to do. From plunging to the ground to flying in the sky, this exercise is a real calorie-burner. The sky (ceiling) is the limit for this gravity-defying act.

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Nut Bush Workout

You need a lot of nuts for this workout. While this workout is a modification of planking (done with a little jazz!), it requires a lot of strength. It is a high-octane workout. Oh and be careful, some people have actually died because of this workout!

Ectomorph Workout

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An ectomorph is a person whose body type is way too thin. Ectomorphs also have a high metabolism so, they do not grow fat even after consuming a lot of junk food. Tired of being called macchis ke tilli? It is time for you to get rid of your skinny, ectomorphic body! If you are an ectomorph who is willing to grow some muscle, you should definitely check out this video.