9 bizarre outfits and their cost that will make you question the fashion trends

Fashion trends change with the change in season. But would you consider wearing bizarre clothes like detachable denims and cowboy boot sandals

Irish poet and essayist Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” Clearly, he knew what he was saying. The world of fashion is full of bizarre trends that keep on changing with the seasons every year. From colour palette and patterns to fabric and hemline, changing fashion trends can leave you baffled at times. It’s not just the combination of these factors, but also the designs that can sometimes wreak havoc on clothing that hits the stores.

Fashion trends can be difficult to follow and if you thought that the fashion terminology (read: camisole, couture, and culottes) was enough to make you feel dopey, we have a list of clothing that will make you question every fashion trend you have ever seen.

Take a peek at the most insane piece of clothing that you will ever see:

Hairy chest tank-top

bizarre fashion

Hairy chest tank-top (Photo: Amazon grab)

Priced between Rs 590 and Rs 720, these are available as simple t-shirts for men as well. Looking at this ‘hairy’ tank-top, we have just one question to the designer– ‘what were you thinking bro?

Nordstrom’s ‘muddy’ jeans

bizarre clothes

Nordstrom’s ‘muddy’ jeans (Photo: Nordstrom grab)

Normally people, however lazy they might be, like their clothes neat and clean. Or at least they don’t want any ‘visible’ dirt to shine on their clothes. But these jeans defies logic as it is splattered with mud all over. It’s grossly popular for obvious reasons (no need to waste time in washing it) and in case, if you wanted to buy it, it costs just $425 (Rs 27,700).


bizarre clothes

Fundies (Photo: Amazon grab)

This weird piece of clothing comes with a tagline– ‘Underwear with 4 leg holes’. Case point: why would anyone want an underwear with four ‘leg holes’. We understand that the company is talking about ‘shaking the sheets’ but even if you are attached to your partner by hip, this is way beyond crazy.

Cold shoulder jacket

bizarre clothes

Cold shoulder jacket (Photo: Eloquii)

Ok folks, what is the basic purpose of a jacket, apart from adding another layer of style statement to your entire attire? It protects your body from the chilly winter winds. Not this one apparently as it is just a piece of costly fashion accessory worth Rs 7,700 (*why dude why!*).

Boot sandals

bizarre clothes

Boot sandals (Photo: redneckbootsandals)

What would you do if you had just Rs 5,000 in your pocket and you wanted to get both– a pair of cowboy boots and sandals? You buy something that combines the best of both footwear, which in this case represents the height of absurdity.

Detachable Jeans

bizarre clothes

Detachable Jeans (Photo: Aliexpress grab)

Gigi Hadid might have started the trend of detachable jeans but let us be very clear, not everyone can carry them. Besides, do you see yourselves flaunting your new pair of jeans in India anytime soon? I don’t think so!

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Hug me jacket

bizarre clothes

Hug me jacket (Photo: Not just a label)

This jacket was created by a Chinese designer Si Chan as a part of his graduating year project and it takes inspiration from various hand movements to give it its ‘unique’ appeal. It seems both comfy and confusing!

Sami Miro Vintage bodysuit

bizarre clothes

Sami Miro Vintage bodysuit (Photo: Sami Miro Vintage)

It may be ‘vintage’ but it doesn’t seem like one. Rs 13,700 for a body suit ‘I can’t wear outside my house’ seems a complete waste. Any thoughts?

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Contrast jeans

bizarre clothes

Contrast jeans (Photo: Farfetch)

We’re still confused if it’s a denim or shorts or a combination of both. Using light shades on dark coloured denim looks cool, but this is way beyond bizarre. Any thoughts?

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