11 qualities that make you a better leader at work

Strong leaders are the foundation of any business. They are not only great at planning but also at executing. Here are some qualities of a good leader

Strong leaders are the foundation of any business. They are the visionaries who take charge during the pitfalls and steer an organisation to success. During the tough times, they know how to keep the spirits of their team high and work with them to avert the crisis.

Strong leaders are not only great at planning but also good at executing. They, not just bosses who know how to get the things done but also extraordinary human beings who possess an infectious enthusiasm that not only motivates them but also others around them. They set an exemplary example for others to follow.

While it may seem that some individuals are gifted with these traits, in reality, one acquires these traits over time. So, here’s a list of qualities that would make you an excellent leader at work:

1) Good communication skills
All leaders are good at communicating their ideas effectively and clearly. They believe in an open-ended communication and active feedback. They are open to discussions and know how to prioritise.

2) Open to building relationship
Good leaders know the importance of building networks and long-lasting relationships. They know that they can gain more knowledge by connecting with their colleagues and other professionals around the globe.

3) Patience
Patience is one of the strong suits of all great leaders. They remain stoic even in the most troubled situations and handle everything with calmness.

4) Open minded
All leaders are open-minded. They recognise the fact that they cannot have all the answers and hence they are always open to new suggestions and thoughts.

5) Team players
Successful leaders are team players. They connect with their team members at a personal level and believe in fostering communication within the team. They believe that a strong team can drive any organisation to success.

6) Gracious
Great leaders are humble and gracious in admitting their mistakes. They know that no one can be right all the time and people can make mistakes. They trust their team to help them make best decisions for their organisation.

7) Positive attitude
They have a positive attitude towards life. They know how to keep us the energy of their team even during the tough times. They never lose their cool.

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8) Ability to motivate
As mentioned earlier, they have an infectious enthusiasm not just towards life but also towards their work.They lead by example and inspire others to perform better. They acknowledge the efforts everyone has put in achieving targets and make their team members feel appreciated for their hard work.

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9) Being responsible
They take responsibility for their mistakes and inspire others to do the same. They work by balancing various perspectives and taking appropriate action.

10) Promote creativity and innovation
All great leaders believe fostering creativity and innovation. They challenge their team members and encourage them to think out of the box.

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11) Flexibility
Good leaders are flexible in their approach. They don’t believe in ‘my way or the high way’ kind of working style and take into account different perspectives before taking any decision.