7 types of bosses you meet at work (and how to deal with them)

Managing your life at your workplace can be tricky. While good bosses can make your career, bad bosses can use you as a stepping stone for their success. Here are the types of bosses that you will encounter at your workplace

Managing your day-to-day life at the workplace can be tricky. Every workplace is different and so is its atmosphere. And if you are working in your dream organisation doing the kind of things that you imagined you would, there is no guarantee that you will have the ideal bosses by your side.

Bosses are an important part of your work life. While a good boss can help you learn the intricate details of your job and guide you to success, a bad boss can lead you astray or in worst case make you a stepping stone for his/her success. Therefore, it is important that you recognise the kind of boss you have and build up your manage your day-to-day affairs accordingly.

Here is a list of seven most common types of bosses that you will meet at your workplace:

1) The sweet tooth
This kind of boss gives his workers freedom and flexibility to work on their own accord. They won’t interfere with your work and you are likely to have an easy going relationship with him. On the flipside, he won’t offer you much guidance as he believes that minimum interference can bring out the best in his employees.
How to deal with him: Communication is the key here. Ask questions if you have doubts. You can also ask for frequent feedbacks.

2) The micromanager
These type of bosses likes everything to be his way. He likes to take control of every single thing and he will occasionally step on your toes and layout every minute of your day for you.
How to deal with him: While you might be tempted to shut him down, the key to dealing with such a boss is gaining his trust till you get some freedom to work.

3) The power fighter
This is one who is more concerned about their image in front of his superiors. They are more interested in climbing up the power ladder than leading their team. They might be domineering and in some cases unreasonable in their deadlines.
How to deal with him: The best way to tackling such a boss is by balancing communication with compromise. Compromise when you can and if it starts affecting your work, talk it out.

4) The novice
This kind of boss lacks focus. These are inconsistent and unclear about their goals. He/she might set targets for a week but change them by mid-week. The boss is zealous but lacks discipline and cannot prioritise work.
How to deal with him: Dealing with such a boss can be difficult. The only way to deal him by keeping the line of communication open. Approach him regarding your targets and keep him updated about the progress. You will also have to be flexible in terms of work while dealing with him.

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5) The father figure
These type of bosses are the kind of boss that everyone wants to work with. He is balanced, liberal and disciplined. While he will give you the freedom to work on your own accord, he will also take charge of things. You will thrive under the leadership of such a boss.
How to deal with him: Have an open perspective and learn as much as you can as this kind of boss is hard to come by.

6) The ghosts
This kind of boss cares about his employees but is never around for guiding them. While he will be supportive, he won’t be approachable. Don’t expect any feedbacks from him.
How to deal with him: Keep working hard and stay on top of your game all the time. Be resourceful and if you get no response from him regarding a certain decision, find someone else who can help you.

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7) Teacher’s pet
This kind of boss plays favourites. He favours an employee based on his equation with him/her. You might be working hard, but your raise will be based on preference, not performance.
How to deal with him: While you might be tempted to quit, or gossip about it to your co-workers but the best way to deal with such a boss is by focusing on your progress. Inculcate the work-related habit that he admires and ignore the rest.