7 things to keep in mind before asking your boss for time-off from work

Are you planning to go for a vacation? Are you anxious if your boss will give you time off? Here are some tips that will help you

It might be hard for you to believe but we Indians don’t like to take a break from our work. We are so addicted to our job that we work round the clock. We clock in extra hours and even work while we are on a day off. In fact, a 2014 survey by the TripAdvisor suggests that nearly 50% of those surveyed in India worked during their vacation as against the global average of 44.19%. What’s even more shocking is that nearly 47% of the Indian respondents said that they did not mind working on vacation.

Let’s be honest, we all need to take a break from our work time to time, whether it’s a 2-day trip to the nearest hill station or on a get-together with the family at a cousin’s wedding. And taking work along on your time off is not going to help you get the much-needed break. But how do you ask your boss for a time off? Well, the first step is by making the request as soon as you have a plan in place.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that will help you ask your boss for a time-off:

1) Plan your vacation in advance
Instead of making some random plans and informing your boss two days before you take a break, plan your vacation well in advance. This will not only give your boss plenty of time to process but also help you manage your affairs.

2) Pick a good day
Timing is the key to everything. Make sure that you pick a day when your work is under control and your boss is in a good mood. If possible, ask for a time off after you have successfully completed a task or a project.

3) Use a productive day as leverage
You need to have your armour ready when you ask your boss for a time off. Make a list of your daily achievements and successful projects for a week and use it to your leverage while you have a chat about your break.

4) Request for time off in writing
While you might have a good equation with your boss and he/she might have agreed to give you some time off, it is always advisable to drop a formal email well in advance so that everything is well documented. This also clears out the scope for any confusion.

5) Be polite
A request for time off should be just that. Don’t tell your boss that you are going for a vacation. Instead ask for a time off and be prepared to get a negative reply.

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6) Plan your work
Plan your workflow for the duration you won’t be working. You could inform your boss about your co-workers who would help you with your work while you are away.

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7) Put in some extra hours before your leave
Do you want to impress your boss and ensure that you get time off next time just as easily? Clock in some extra hours of work. Ensure that you cover all your bases before you take a break from the work.