9 ways to impress your new boss on first day of work

Getting a job in your dream organisation is a job half done. It's important that you leave a strong first impression on your new boss and your colleagues. Here's what you need to do

So you have managed to get a job in your dream organisation. While you might feel that you have accomplished a tough task, the real challenge begins when you join the company. However, nobody expects you to move mountains on your very first day in your new office, making a strong first impression is really important. It not only helps you to start off on the right foot but gives a chance to your supervisors and co-workers to know you better.

It is essential to make the right impression on your colleagues, at the same time it’s also important that you stand-out in front for your boss as well. So, these nine ways can help you know how to impress your new boss on your very first day:

1) Pitch in your big idea
On your very first day, pitch in one big idea that will help your company. But also make sure, it is not your big mouth. So, get clarity with the idea and pitch it only when it’s the right time. Know its pros and cons before putting it on a table. It goes as they say– ‘an idea can change your life‘.

2) Put in some extra hours
Everyone is clueless on their very first day. It certainly takes nearly a month in getting a hang of the new place, but try to put in some extra-hours on your first day. Reach out to your co-workers, know more about the working of your department and settle down. It conveys a message that you are eager to be a part of the team.

3) Be curious
Curiosity is one of the traits that not only helps you understand the place better but also leaves a long-lasting impression on supervisors. It will convey a message to your boss that you are serious about your job and are keen on learning.

4) Ask for feedback
While you may not have accomplished anything significant on your first day, it’s always good to ask your reporting manager for feedback so that you are able to meet your targets and help the company perform better.

5) Come in a bit early
While the thumb rule states that you should reach your workplace on time, it’s a good practice to come in a bit early on your first day. Apart from helping you to understand the place better, it will help you create a positive image in the eyes of your new boss.

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6) Do your homework
A day before you join the new organisation, read about the place and try to understand their values and culture better. This will send a message that you are devoted to your work from day one.

7) Share your passion
Take time to share your passion and get to know your supervisors well. Your professional identity includes your values and your passions and it’s important that both your colleagues and your boss know what they are.

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8) Take down notes
First few days at your new workplace is the time when you practice your listening skills. Don’t strain your brain and take down notes, you probably won’t be able to remember everything all at once.

9) Smile
Smile and show enthusiasm. Show your boss that you are excited to be a part of his team and grateful for the opportunity.