Top Stories 3 pm, Feb 24: Coimbatore district officials clear streets of dogs for PM Narendra Modi; Manipur's first Muslim woman candidate; India vs Australia, First Test, Day 2, Tea Report

From PM Narendra Modi's arrival in Coimbatore to India's flop show in Pune in day 2 of the first Test against Australia, here are the top stories of the day by 3 pm.

Coimbatore district officials clear the streets of dogs for PM Modi’s visit

Street dogs in Coimbatore are being caught and taken to government-run dog shelters, as local authorities ready the city for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit on Shivratri on Friday. A report in Chennai’s New Indian Express said that the dog-catching drive began on Wednesday, and 24 dogs living en route from the airport to the venue that’d host the PM had been caught by Thursday night. According to the English daily, a local non-profit was carrying out the drive at the orders of the district administration. Read More

Meet the first Muslim woman candidate in Manipur’s history

40-year-old Najima Phundreimayum, popularly known as Najima Bibi, is the co-founder and co-convener of Irom Sharmila-led People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) party. Najima, who hails from the Meitei Pangal community of Manipur, set a record by becoming the first Muslim woman candidate to contest in Manipur polls. A woman from a minority community, Najima faced all kinds of prejudices and atrocities since her early days. Since childhood, she had immense urge to acquire higher education. Read More

India vs Australia, First Test, Day 2, Tea Report

The post lunch session in the India vs Australia first Test in Pune proved to be a total massacre for the Indian batting lineup which collapsed just like a house of cards before the Aussie spin attack. After losing three early wickets on Day 2 of the first game of the Test series between India and Australia, KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane went back on the crease to carry the inning forward as they were trailed by 190 runs. It was pretty understood by both the sides that the pitch has deteriorated in such a way that it will also trouble the hosts and it did for sure. Fighting against all the odds, KL Rahul somehow managed to cross the mark of 50 runs and gradually moved forward to the 64 run mark but then came the typhoon! Read More