India vs Australia, first Test at Pune, Day 2 Highlights: Steven Smith & Co pose threat to Virat Kohli's unbeaten streak

India vs Australia: Indian bowlers will look to wrap up Australia's second innings. On the other hand, they will try to score runs quickly yo give India a lethal target.

India have an almost impossible task ahead of them. Australia have 298-run lead over India at the end of Day 2, it will be tough for India to even pose a challenge against this target. It seems that Steve Smith & Co will be able to put a stop to India’s unbeaten streak of 19 Tests. It will be interesting to see how much runs Aussies put on board before declaring, we will be back with you with live updates of the match tomorrow at 9:00 IST. Till then, stay tuned to InUth.

35.6 Marsh lets that go to the wicketkeeper.

35,5 No run off that delivery.

35.4 Pushes the ball towards mid on, no run.

35.3 FOUR! Marsh dispatches it with disdain, first boundary for him.

35.2 No run from the second delivery.

35.1 Marsh flashes blade at a short delivery outside off, no run.

Ishant Sharma has been brought into the attack

34.6 Jayant goes up, lbw appeal! Umpire shakes his head.

34.5 Marsh defends the next ball.

34.4 Mitchell Marsh gets a reality test as soon as he comes on the pitch, beaten by the turn and bounce.

34.3 Smith takes a single towards square leg.

34.2 Mitchell Marsh comes out to bat but it’s Smith who is on strike, no run.

34.1 WICKET! Matthew Renshaw c Ishant Sharma b Jayant Yadav 31(50) Renshaw tries to attack Jayant Yadav but plays against the spin, the ball went up in the air and Ishant Sharma took a comafortable catch. First wicket of the innings in the over.

Jayant Yadav continues

33.6 Defends the length ball, no run.

33.5 FOUR! Smith flicks the ball towards fine leg boundary for four, he is looking dangerous now.

33.4 Renshaw takes a single as he escapes a close call with the ball taking the leading edge.

33.3  Another defensive block from Renshaw.

33.2 Renshaw shuffles across but leaves the ball to go into Saha’s gloves.

33.1 Renshaw lets the first ball go towards the wicketkeeper, no shot played.

Umesh Yadav continues

32.6 Smith defends the last delivery, no run.

32.5 Renshaw takes another single, tries to reverse sweep that one towards the boundary but did not succeed.

32.4 FOUR! Another boundary for Renshaw, the top edge goes towards the boundary.

32.3 Smith easily pushes the ball towards mid wickets as he takes a stroll between the wickets.

32.2 Renshaw hits it towards covers for a single.

32.1 That was quicker through the air, he single behind the square leg.

Jayant Yadav continues

31.6 Umesh bowls it wide and fuller luring Renshaw to drive, misses the bat.

31.5 Renshaw plays the ball towards point, no run.

31.4 Renshaw pushes the ball towards mid-off, no run.

31.3 Smith hits the ball for a single, they reach 100.

31.2 An attempt to take a single, no runs scored.

31.1 A tad bit fuller and faster from Umesh, Smith defends going deep into the crease.

Umesh Yadav continues

30.6 Renshaw pushes the ball towards long on, gets a couple of runs.

30.5 Smith picks the carrom ball, he takes a single towards mid-wicket.

30.4 Renshaw takes a single towards leg side.

30.3 FOUR! Back to back boundaries,  Renshaw clears mid on as the ball races towards teh boundary.

30.2 FOUR! Renshaw switching gears, gets to the pitch of the ball and hits it for a boundary.

30.1 Smith takes a single off the first delivery, Renshaw on strike.

Ashwin continues

29.6 Umesh Yadav lets that one go, no shot offered.

29.5 Renshaw flashes his blade but it does not work.

29.4 A slower one from Yadav, a dot ball from him. 

29.3 Renshaw brings his bat down in time, no run.

29.2 Umesh Yadav works that one for a single.

29.1 FOUR! Not the most accurate delivery from Umesh. Seems like Indians are losing hope.

Umesh Yadav continues

28.6 Another dot ball to end the over.

28.5 Renshaw edges this one towards quare leg, no run.

28.4 Renshaw gets on his pads, no run.

28.3 Smith works the ball way to square leg for a single.

28.2 DROPPED! Onc again Smith has been dropped, this is clearly not going India’s way. Abhinav Mukund drops that one.

28.1 Smith blocks the first ball, no run.

Ashwin continues

27.6 Renshaw presents a straight bat, no run.

27.5 Oh! That was nasty! Renshaw on his knees at once. The short delivery struck Renshaw’s elbow, no run there.

27.4 Renshaw opens the face of the bat towards cover, no run.

27.3 The bottom edge goes towards the wicketkeeper, no run.

27.2 Renshaw is beaten outside the off stump, no run.

27.1 Short of the length delivery, he works the ball for a single towards square leg.

Umesh Yadav has been brought back into the attack

26.6 Smith tries to sweeo, just a single taken.

26.5 Renshaw takes a single, works it towards square leg.

26.4 He defends that one, no run.

26.3 FOUR! Ashwin appealed for it, the ball hit the pads and went towards fine leg for four.

26.2 Renshaw defends the next ball, no run.

26.1 Renshaw tries to hit it towards long leg, no run.FOUR!

Ashwin continues

25.6 A dot delivery to end the over.

25.5 Renshaw takes a single this time around. 

25.4 Renshaw blocks that one, no run.

25.3 FOUR! This time Renshaw succeeds as he scores a boundary through reverse sweep.

25.2 Renshaw plays that on the full, no run.

25.1 Renshaw flicks the ball but could not find the gap, no run.

Jadeja continues

24.6 Inside edge off the bat, unlucky for Ashwin, a single off that delivery.

24.5 Renshaw goes for a sweep and misses it completely. He is being too ambitious.

24.4 Another reverse sweep attempt, could not connect properly, no run.

24.3 Ashwin balls a tad bit duller, Renshaw does good to keeep it out.

24.2 Tries to push it towards leg side, no run.

24.1 No run off the first ball, Renshaw defends.

Ashwin continues

23.6 Dot ball to end the over.

23.5 Gets an inside edge but did not go fine, no run.

23.4 Smith defends at it was darted towards his middle stump.

23.3 Renshaw takes a single as he pushes the ball towards long on.

23.2 Renshaw tries for another slog sweep, could not get bat on ball, no run.

23.1 LBW appeal from Jadeja, Umpire says no, was missing the leg stump clearly.

Jadeja continues

22.6 Smith takes a couple of runs as he works the ball towards point.

22.5 Smith defends that one, no run.

22.4 Renshaw works the ball towards square leg for a single.

22.3 Renshaw tries reverse sweep but could not find the gap.

22.2 That one spun like lighting, no run.

22.1 Renshaw lets that go into Saha’s hands, shoulders arms.

Ashwin continues

21.6 Another dot ball to end the over.

21.5 Jadeja flights this one, Smith manages to block.

21.4 Smith takes a couple of runs there, gets a thick outside edge off the bat.

21.3 Smith comes forward and taps the ball in front of the wicket, no run.

21.2 Jadeja appeals for caught behind but Umpire shakes his head, no DRS taken by Kohli.

21.1 Beating the batsman fair and square, no run.

Jadeja continues

20.6 WICKET! Peter Handscomb c Murali Vijay b R Ashwin 19(34) Ashwin strikes again, this is his third wicket in the innings. The extra bounce gets the better of him as the ball carries to Vijay.

20.5 Handscomb manages to keep out the carrom ball, no run.

20.4 Smith pads that one for a single towards long leg.

20.3 Handscomb gives the strike back to Smith, pushes the ball for a single.

20.2 Smith rotates back the strike.

20.1 Handscomb takes a single off the first ball.

Ashwin continues

19.6 Another defensive shot, no run.

19.5 Smith dabs this one, no run.

19.4 This one guided towards off stump, no run.

19.3 Smith could not figure where the ball went, no run.

19.2 Smith watches the ball go into wicketkeeper’s hands.

19.1 DROPPED! This has happened twice today. Drops a sitter, Kohli would not be happy with Abhinav Mukund.

Jadeja continues

18.6 Pushes the ball towards mid wicket, no run for Handscomb.

18.5 He could not figure out where the ball went, no run.

18.4  FOUR! Powerful cover drive from Handscomb, second boundary for him.

18.3 SMith rotates strike.

18.2 Smith plays a defensive shot this time.

18.1 Handscomb takes a single off the first ball.

Ashwin continues

17.6 Another one blocked by Smith, maiden over from Jadeja.

17.5 Smith watches this one go into Saha’s hands, no shot offered.

17.4 Another defensive shot by Smith, no run.

17.3 Smith defends, a long stride forward.

17.2 That one was flatter though the air, no run.

17.1 Smith defends the first delivery of the over, no run.

Jadeja continues

16.6 Another dot ball to end the over, that was quicker through the air.

16.5 A ripper of a delivery, no run.

16.4 Misses the bat, no run.

16.3 FOUR! Handscomb hits that one towards mid wicket for four.

16.2 No ruHandsomed there as Handsomb strides forward.

16.1 Smith takes a single off the first ball.

Tea Break! 

15.6 A dot ball to finish off the over. Players will be heading out towards the pavilion, no run.

15.5 Another stride forward, no run.

15.4 He leans forward and blocks that one, no run.

15.3 Another one misses the bat, no run.

15.2 Handscomb lets it go, no run.

15.1 Constantly bowling but not getting wickets, Jadeja must be frustrated, the ball missed the bat by a whisker.

Jadeja continues

14.6 He defends another one on the back foot.

14.5 FOUR! Smith shuffles across the crease and hits it towards the boundary, That’s what happens when you drop a catch, rubbing salts on wounds.

14.4 No run there, solid block for them.

14.3 DROPPED! This is not a happy sight. Smith is looking dangerous, a wicket here would have increase pressure on them.

14.2 Handscomb takes a single, Smith on strike now.

14.1 Smith takes a single, pushes the ball towards mid wicket.

Ashwin continues

13.6 Another block from Handscomb, no run.

13.5 Another dot ball from Jadeja.

13.4 Blocks the next one, no run.

13.3 He leans forward and taps the ball, no run.

13.2 Jadeja concedes a couple of runs, this one goes behind square.

13.1 That one was on the stumps, no run.

Jadeja continues

12.6 Smith tries to reverse sweep that one, no runs scored.

12.5 Smith defends that one, no run.

12.4 A shout for LBW there, no runs scored.

12.3 Smith defends that one on back foot.

12.2 Smith tries to sneak a single, no runs scored.

12.1 Smith survives again, turn and bounce off the pitch.

Ashwin continues

11.6 A dot ball to end the over, Smith on strike.

11.5 Smith works that one towards mid wicket for a single.

11.4 A ripper of a delivery, beaten all hands up.

11.3 Smith comes forward and takes a single.

11.2 Smith uses his pad to defend that one.

11.1 Smith goes on back foot and defends.

Jadeja continues

10.6 Smith takes a single, retains strike.

10.5 That one turned! Smith is lucky not to have dismissed to that delivery.

10.4 Handscomb nudges it towards mid wicket for a single.

10.3 Smith rotates strike.

10.2 Smith tries to sweep, no runs scored.

10.1 No run scored, defended by Smith.

Ashwin continues

9.6 Handscomb presents full face of the bat, no run.

9.5 Smith works the ball towards square leg, takes a single.

9.4 Another dot ball from Jadeja.

9.3 Another close call for Smith.

9.2 That one missed the edge, Smith survives.

9.1 Smith is facing a tight line and length from Jadeja.

Jadeja continues

8.6 Smith pushes the ball towards mid-on for a single.

8.5 FOUR! The ball goes one bounce over the ropes. Smith knows that it is tough to survive on this pitch, he is trying to attack the bowlers.

8.4 Smith lets that one go, no run.

8.3 Smith taps it towards short leg, no run.

8.2 Smith tries to work with towards mid wicket, finds the fielder, no run.

8.1 Smith defends that one with straight bat.

Ashwin continues

7.6 He defends the last ball, no run.

7.5 He blocks the ball on front foot, no run.

7.4 FOUR! He hits it towards extra cover region for a boundary.

7.3 He takes a big stride forward, no run.

7.2 Handscomb comes in to bat. He leans forward and blocks that one.

7.1 Jadeja darts that one on Smith’s pads, he takes a single, leg byes.

Jadeja continues

6.6 WICKET! Shaun Marsh lbw R Ashwin 0(21) Ashwin traps him in front of the stumps through a straighter delivery. Another wicket for Ashwin.

6.5 Marsh defends that one, no run.

6.4 Marsh tries to sweep that one, no run.

6.3 Marsh lets that one go to the wicketkeeper.

6.2 Marsh plays it with soft hands, no runs scored.

6.1 Ashwin flights that one, no run off that ball.

Ashwin continues

5.6 Smith lets the b all go as he watches it closely.

5.5 No run off that ball.

5.4 FOUR! Smith takes on Jadeja, hits the ball for a boundary, going against the spin.

5.3 Smith defends with a straight bat this time around, no run.

5.2 Tries to hit the ball for a boundary, fails, no run.

5.1 That one spun a mile, Smith did not know what happened

Jadeja continues

4.6 Another dot ball to end the over, no run.

4.5 Another one turns sharply, Marsh could not do anything there.

4.4 Takes an inside edge onto pads, no run.

4.3 Edged but lands nowhere near the fielder, no run.

4.2 Marsh is yet to score a run, offers another defensive block.

4.1 Marsh comes forward and defends that one.

Ashwin continues

3.6 Another block to end the over.

3.5 Beaten by the spin again, goes into the gloves of Saha.

3.4 Smith comes forward and blocks that one, no run.

3.3 FOUR! Punches that one towards covers for boundary.

3.2 Misses all! Steven Smith survives. One has to say that Australians have been lucky in the first Test.

3.1 Smith does not try to score off that delivery, no run.

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack

2.6 No bat and ball this time around, no run.

2.5 Another defensive block from Ashwin.

2.4 Marsh goes forward and blocks that one.

2.3 Smith shimmies down the wicket and takes a single.

2.2 FOUR! Smith takes on Ashwin, muscles the ball towards the leg side.

2.1 Smith defends the first ball, leans forward.

Ashwin continues

1.6 A maiden over from Jayant, that one missed the outside edge goes to Saha.

1.5 Marsh goes on to the back foot, did not get a single run.

1.4 Another front foot block from Marsh.

1.3 Marsh manages to get bat and ball on that one, no run.

1.2 Marsh defends that one as well.

1.1 Shaun Marsh has come into bat isntead of Matthew Renshaw, Marsh goes on the back foot and defends the first delivery.

Jayant Yadav comes into bowl, Steven Smith comes into bat

0.6 WICKET! David Warner lbw R Ashwin 10(6) Caught right in front of the stumps, Ashwin had the last laugh in first over.

0.5 FOUR! Warner is no mood to take it slow, hits another boundary.

0.4 That one took a leading edge, lands in no-man’s land.

0.3 Warner defends that one, no run.

0.2 Warner hits a boundary, plays the ball late and guides it towards third man.FOUR!

0.1 Warner goes on back foot, picks up a couple of runs.

Ashwin to open the bowling

Australian batsmen come in to bat.

40.1 WICKET! Umesh Yadav c Smith b O’Keefe 4(11) Yadav comes down the wicket, edges it and the ball goes into the hands of slip fielder. India all out for 105, trail by 155.

O’Keefe continues

39.6 No run of the last delivery.

39.5 Yadav takes a single as the ball goes towards mid off.

39.4 Yadav tries to work that one on the off side, no run.

39.3 He tries to hit the ball over the top, no run, misses the ball completely.

39.2 Yadav defends this one, it came back to him.

39.1 Sharma gets the ball past the mid-wicket fielder, a single for him.

Lyon continues

8.6 He takes a single off the last ball, retains strike.

38.5 Similar result to previous delivery, no run

38.4 Sharma blocks that one on the front foot.

38.3 Umesh Yadav takes a single, Ishant Sharma comes into bat.

38.2 WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja c Mitchell Stac b Steve O’Keefe 2(14) Not a good sight for Indian fans. Jadeja tries to hit the ball for a six, finds the fielder at long on. Another wicket goes down as O’Keefe takes a fifer.

38.1 Jadeja takes a stride forward and blocks the first delivery.

O’Keefe continues

37.6 Yadav tries to work the ball towards on side, no run.

37.5 Umesh Yadav tries to open his arms, misses the ball completely, no run.

37.4 Umesh Yadav blocks that one, no run.

37.3 Jadeja takes a single as he nudges the ball towards mid wicket.

37.2 Jadeja was taken aback by the extra bounce, lucky that it did not get an edge.

37.1 Umesh takes a single as India completes 100 runs. In a matter of session India has lost any grip they had over the match.

Lyon continues

36.6 Is that another wicket, the Umpire thinks so, Jadeja review that straightaway, DRS works his way, it was not an edge off the bat or did not brush his gloves either. Jadeja survives.

36.5 Jadeja could not get bat on that one, hits his pads, no run.

36.4 Umesh Yadav comes into bat, he picks up a single towards long on.

36.3 WICKET! Jayant Yadav st Mathew Wade b Steve O’Keefe 2(10) Beaten by the spin from the delivery, Yadav goes forward. Wade makes no mistake and removes the bails in a jiffy. I told you guys, this match is not going to go into Day 5

36.2 Jadeja works the ball towards square, no run.

36.1 Jadeja dabs that one towards mid-wicket, no run.

Steve O’Keefe continues

35,6 Another dot ball to end the over, India in big trouble.

35.5 Yadav once again comes forward and defends the ball, no run.

35.4 Yadav comes down the wicket and digs the ball, picks up a couple of runs.

35.3 LBW shout! Umpire shakes his head, Jayant survives.

35.2 Yadav comes forward, defends that one, no run.

35.1 That one beats the off side edge, no run.

Nathan Lyon continues

34.6 Another dot ball to end the over.

34.5 This one goes well outside leg, no run.

34.4 Jadeja defends this one as well, not trying to play his shots.

34.3 He comes forward and presents straight bat on that delivery, no run.

34.2 Jadeja comes forward and defends it.

34.1 Jadeja nudges it towards mid-wicket, no run.

O’Keefe continues

33.6 Jayant blocks that one, a dot ball to end the over.

33.5 Takes an edge, falls short of forward square leg fielder, no run.

33.4 Jayant Yadav comes into bat, defends the first delivery.

33.3 WICKET! R Ashwin c Peter Handscomb b Nathan Lyon 1(4) Another wicket, India lose 4 wickets in a matter of single run, disappointing display of batting from Indian middle order.

33.2 Ashwin goes on the back foot, defends that one, no run.

33.1 Lyon to Ashwin, he blocks the first ball as it was on the leg side.

Nathan Lyon continues, Ravindra Jadeja comes into bat

32.6 WICKET! Wriddhiman Saha c Steven Smith b Steve O’Keefe 0(2) Steve O’Keefe strikes again, thrice in this over. India are in big trouble. The game has changed all of a sudden.

32.5 Wriddhiman Saha comes into bat, he leans forward and defends it.

32.4 WICKET! Ajinkya Rahane c Peter Handscomb b Steve O’Keefe 13(55) Rahane edges that one to first slip, he has to go now. Wait! He has taken the review, he is clearly gone. India in deep trouble.

32.3 R Ashwin comes into bat, he takes a single off the first ball and gets off the mark.

32.2 WICKET! KL Rahul c David Warner b Steve O’Keefe 64(97) Rahul tries to hit the big shot there, miscues it and Warner makes no mistake to take that one. Rahul is in pain, seems like he has hurt his shoulders. Anyway, he has to go, India in big trouble.

32.1 Rahul comes forward, blocks the first delivery.

Steve O’Keefe comes into the attack

31.6 Rahane tries to guide the ball towards third man, no run.

31.5 Long stride forward, Rahane blocks another one.

31.4 Rahane defends that one on back foot.

31.3 Rahane could not find the gap there, the ball was pitched on leg stump.

31.2 Rahul pushes the ball for a single.

31.1 Rahul defends the first one as Lyon comes round the wicket.

Lyon continues

30.6 Rahane lured into flashing his blade by Starc, misses the edge, a wake-up call for him.

30.5 Bouncer! Rahane does well to leave that, no problems caused.

30.4 Short of the length delivery, Rahane taps it down, no run.

30.3 Rahul takes a quick single there, taps the ball towards off side.

30.2 Rahul lets that one go as he shoulders his arms.

30.1 Rahul drives that one to the covers, FOUR! He is not holding back, counter-attack from Rahul.

Starc continues

29.6 The ball takes an edge, Rahane survives, maiden over from Lyon.

29.5 Rahane flicks that one, finds the fielder again, no run.

29.4 Rahane tries to work this one into the gap but finds the fielder, no run.

29.3 Another block with a straight bat, no run.

29.2 Rahane offers straight bat, no run.

29.1 Rahane defends the first ball, no run.

Nathan Lyon into the attack

28.6 Bouncer! Rahul does well to duck that one, no run.

28.5 Rahul drives the ball straight to the cover fielder, no run.

28.4 Rahul defends that one, no run.

28.3 FOUR! This one was well-timed, Rahul is leading India’s first innings.

28.2 Rahul defends that one, no run.

28.1 Rahul hits the ball hard, another boundary for him, he will play his natural game despite the conditions.

Starc continues

27.6 Rahane defends the last ball, no runs scored.

27.5 Rahul nudges the ball for a single. FIFTY! A good innings under pressure for Rahul, will he convert this one into a big score as well?

27.4 Rahane takes a single, Rahul on strike.

27.3 Rahane watches the ball go in the hands of Wade.

27.1 Rahul works that away for a single, he is one run short of his fifty.

O’Keefe continues

26.6 Rahane gets on front foot and blocks that one, no run.

26.5 Rahane shoulders arms, lets that one go to Wade.

26.4 Short delivery outside off stump, Rahane seizes the opportunity and hits it towards third man, picks up a couple of runs.

26.3 That one was a tad bit fuller on the stumps, Rahane blocks with a straight bat.

26.2 Rahul guides that one towards point for a single.

26.1 Rahul plays a defensive shot there, no run.

Starc continues.

25.6 Another forward defensive block, no run.

25.5 Rahane offers a forward defensive block.

25.4 Rahane goes on the back foot and hits the ball through the covers for four,

25.3 Rahane watches the ball closely as it goes into the wicketkeeper’s gloves.

25.2 Rahane blocks a slower ball from O’Keefe.

25.1 Rahane defends the ball going down the leg, no run.

Players are back in the field for the second session of play. Steve O’Keefe comes in to bowl.

The only positive for India from the first session is Rahul’s form. Hazlewood drew first blood as he got the wicket of Vijay. But it was Starc who got the hosts on the back foot with 2 wickets in 3 deliveries. He got the wicket of Pujara and Kohli. If Rahul goes on India will have a chance at surpassing Australia’s first innings score.

24.6 Straight drive from Rahul but the fielder does well at the circle to save the boundary, maiden over from Hazlewood.

24.5 No run scored off that delivery either, defends it with blade opening towards on side.

24.4 Another defensive block from Rahul, solid defensive shots from Rahul today, getting behind the ball and watching it till the end.

24,3 Slightly over-pitched delivery from Hazlewood, flicks it towards on side, no run.

24.2 Leans forward and blocks the ball, he is in no mood to take risks before the lunch break.

24.1 Brings the ball back to Rahul who defends it, tapping it towards on side.

Hazlewood continues

23.6 Another good delivery to end the over, no run.

23.5 That one missed the off side edge. Rahane is having problems against ball going away from him.

23.4 O’Keefe to Rahane, no run.

23.3 Rahane falahses his blade, misses the ball completely, no run.

23.2 Rahane comes forward, tries to work it towards off side, finds fielder.

23.1 Rahane comes foward and taps it.

Steve O’Keefe continues

22.6 This was angled into the stumps, Rahul offers the full face of the bat, no run.

22.5 A copy-book defensive shot, no run.

22.4 Rahul pushes the ball towards short covers, no run.

22.3 Rahane mistimes this one but succeeds in taking  single

22.2 Rahane surprised by the bounce there, manages to keep it down.

22.1 Rahane gets forward and defends the good length delivery. Meanwhile, the fire alongside the boundary has been stabilised by staff.

Josh Hazlewood continues

21.6 Another single to end the over.

21.5 Rahul taps the ball towards square for a single.

21.4 Rahane takes a single, nudges it towards square.

21.3 Plays that one straight to the covers fielder, no run.

21.2 Gets forward and defends that one.

21.1 That was misdirected towards leg side, Rahul takes a single. Meanwhile fire broke out along side boundary.

Steve O’Keefe comes back into the attack

20.6 Similar effort from Rahane, dot ball to end the over.

20.5 Rahane watches the ball closely as he lets it go into Wade’s gloves.

20.4 Short delivery, gets on the back foot and punches it towards covers, takes a single.

20.3 Rahul shoulders arms on that one

20.2 Rahul defends the second ball, no run.

20.1 Rahul welcomes him with a boundary, throught the covers for four. Are we looking at a big score from Rahul.

Hazlewood comes back into the attack

19.6 Takes a single on the last delivery, Rahul retains strike.

19.5 Defends that one, no run.

19.4 Turn and bounce there for Lyon, Rahul manages to defend that one.

19.3 Another defensive block from Lyon.

19.2 Rahul tries to defend that one, good delivery from Lyon.

19.1 Rahane goes on back foot and takes a single.

Nathan Lyon continues

18.6 Rahul takes a couple of runs to end the over.

18.5 That was fast! Starc pitches it fuller on the middle stump, Rahul defends it without any problem.

18.4 Starc comes round the wicket to Rahul, he drives it with precision piercing the field. FOUR!

18.4 No ball from Starc, this Test match has seen several no balls from both teams.

18.3 Rahane picks up a single towards mid off.

18.2 Rahane shoulders arms on that one, no run.

18.1 Good straight drive from Rahane but no runs scored.

Starc continues

17.6 Defends on the back foot, no run.

17.5 That was spinning down the leg from off stump, no run.

17.4 Cheeky! Reverse sweep from Rahul, gets the desired result as the ball races towards the boundary.

17.3 Takes an inside edge, fielder in catching position misses it, takes a single.

17.2 This time gets on the front foot presenting a straight bat.

17.1 Rahane defends it on the back foot.

Lyon continues

16.6 Short of the length delivery, taps it down, no run. Another maiden from Starc.

16.5 A good length delivery, forcing the batsman to play it, Rahul gets forward and defends it.

16.4 That was a short one from Starc, no run.

16.3 Another one directed towards middle stump, Rahul defends it, no run.

16.2 Rahul defends it  by getting behind the ball.

16.1 Rahul on strike, no run off the first ball.

Starc continues

15.6 Gets forward and blocks the ball, no runs scored.

15.5 A big stride forward from Rahane, no run.

15.4 Rahane on strike, that one turned a lot, Rahane misses it altogether, seems like Indian batsmen are in trouble.

15.3 Gets on back foot and nudges the ball for a single.

15,2 Rahul will be under pressure now, defends this one as well.

15.1 Rahul defends th first ball with caution.

Lyon continues

14.6 Rahane defends this one as it was angled towards the stumps, a double wicket maiden for Starc.

14.5 Ajinkya Rahane comes into bat, he shoulders arms on the first ball, no run.

14.4 WICKET! Virat Kohli c Mathew Wade b Mitchell Starc 0(2) Big wicket for Australia, Starc is delighted. Kohli attems to drive the ball outside off stump, edges it to Wade and throws away his wicket on the second ball. Starc shows his true colours, first with bat and now with the ball.

14.3 Virat Kohli comes into bat, he lets the first ball go to Wade.

14.2 WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara c Mathew Wade b Mitchell Starc 6(23) Edged and gone! Starc has tasted blood now, makes Pujara cramp for room, extra bounce comes in handy as he picks up his first wicket.

14.1 Good line and length, Pujara blocks this one.

Starc comes back into the attack

13.6 Rahul goes on back foot again, no run.

13.5 Pujara takes a single as he goes on back foot to work the ball towads square.

13.4 Another defensive block from Pujara.

13,3 LBW appeal but that ball hit the pads outside the line of off stump.

13.2 Rahul takes a single off the next delivery.

13.1 Gives it some extra tweak, Rahul goes on back foot to defend it.

Lyon continues

12.6 Another dot delivery to end the over, a maiden from Hazlewood.

12.5 Pujara lets that one go into Wade’s hands.

12.4 Flicks the ball but straight to the fielder, no run.

12.3 This one was on the stumps, Pujar defends it with a straight bat.

12.2 Pujara knocks it towards point, straight to the fielder, no run.

12.1 Pujara does not offer a shot on that one, no run.

Hazlewood continues

11.6 Rahul tries to work the ball towards mid wicket, no run.

11.5 Another block from Rahul on the back foot.

11.4 Some turn there for Lyon, Rahul goes back into the crease and defends that one.

11.3 Rahul comes forward and taps the ball in front of him, no run.

11.2 Rahul drives and drives with precision, another boundary for him, taking on Lyon.

11.1 Rahul defends the first delivery.

Nathan Lyon has been introduced into the attack.

10.6 Another dot delivery to finish the over.

10.5 Angled towards middle-length line, no run. Meanwhile, a Virat Kohli fan shows a banner reading, ‘Bunked school for you’.

10.4 Pujara lets another one go, but this time with confidence.

10.3 Pujara lets this one go, retracts his bat at the last time.

10.2 Pujara defends the next one, no run.

10.1 Pujara flicks it towards square leg boundary for four, a good sign for India if Pujara gets set.

Hazlewood continues

9.6 Another dot ball to end the over.

9.5 Rahul comes forward and nudges the ball towards off side, no run.

9.4 Rahul dances down the wicket and hits the ball for long distance, SIX! Wait, he has hurt his shoulder in the process.

9.3 Pujara works this one towards square leg, takes a single.

9.2 Pujara defends this one with straight bat, no run.

9.1 Rahul takes a single on the first delivery.

O’Keefe continues

8.6 Hazlewood is giving a hard time to Pujara, no run.

8.5 This one was directed towards the stumps, no run.

8.4 Pujara gets beaten again, ball swings away from the bat, escapes outside edge.

8.3 Another dot delivery, he is creating pressure on Pujara.

8.2 Beats Pujara, great bowling from Hazlewood.

8.1 Pujara flicks that one to square leg, no run.

Hazlewood continues

7.6 Loud LBW shout, Umpire shakes his head, Steven Smith does not take the review.

7.5 Pujara on strike, angled towards the stumps, Pujara digs the ball and pushes it towards off side.

7.4 This one goes past the slips, Rahul takes a single.

7.3 Another dot ball as Rahul defends that one as well.

7.2 Front foot defence from Rahul, no run.

7.1 Rahul pushes the ball towards covers, no run.

O’Keefe continues

6.6 Another dot delivery to end the over, just a single from it.

6.5 WICKET! Murali Vijay c Mathew Wade b Josh Hazlewood 10(19) Vijay misses the line of the ball on that occasion, edges the ball into Wade’s gloves. Hazlewood is delighted, he has got his man in his first over. He has got the breakthrough Aussies wanted. Cheteshwar Pujara comes in to bat.

6.4 Vijay lets that one go, straighter delivery from Hazlewood.

6.3 Similar delivery, similar result, no run.

6.2 Good length delivery with a hint of swing in it, no run as Vijay offers a defensive shot.

6.1 That was pitched in middle-leg line, Rahul flicks it for a single.

Josh Hazlewood into the attack

5.6 Vijay lets the ball go as he watches it closely, no run.

5.5 Vijay drives it straight to short cover, no run.

5.4 That one was darted in the block hole but missed the line, Rahul takes a single.

5.3 That one was on the pads, another single taken by Vijay.

5.2 Inside edge off the bat, Rahul takes a single.

5.1 That one was tossed up, Vijay takes a single as he guides the ball towards long on.

Steve O’Keefe continues

4.6 Vijay drives the ball with ease, did not time it well though, takes a single, retains strike.

4.5 That was pitched on middle leg, Vijay flicks it towards mid-wicket boundary for four!

4.4 A well directed short delivery, Vijay was surprised but managed to duck at the end moment.

4.3 Another leave from Vijay, does not offer a shot.

4.2 Vijay leaves another one as he closely watches the ball go past him.

4.1 That one was close to Vijay’s body, he lets it go.

Starc continues

3.6 Good forward defence from Rahul, no run.

3.5 That was pitched down the leg, Rahul gets bat and ball as it runs away for a boundary.

3.4 Tries to drive this one but finds silly mid-off.

3.3 Gets to the pitch of the ball and defends it, good technique from Rahul.

3.2 Pushes the ball towards long on, takes a single.

3.1 nice turn for O’Keefe there, Vijay lets the ball go.

Steve O’Keefe continues

2.6 Another shot delivery but not well directed, Rahul leaves, no run.

2.5 Rahul lets this one go too, that was well outside off.

2.4 First bouncer from Starc, Rahul ducks it as the ball goes into the gloves of Wade.

2.3 Short of the length delivery, Rahul goes on back foot to defend it, no run.

2.2 Attempts another drive, misses the ball by a whisker, Rahul survives.

2.1 That was full and wide, Rahul drives that one for a boundary.

Starc continues

1.6 A dot ball to end the over, that one spun late.

1.5 Rahul guides it towards long on for a single

1.4 No run off that delivery, Rahul defends that one as well.

1.3 Defends the third ball with straight bat, no run.

1.2 Rahul tries to hit that one, hits silly mid-off, no run.

1.1 O’Keefe bowls an angled delivery towards the stumps, Vijay takes a single.

Steve O’Keefe comes into the attack

0.6 This one was fuller from Starc, Rahul plasy a half-hearted shot, no run.

0.5 This time he defends the ball, no run.

0.4 First boundary of the innings, Rahul flicks the ball as it was directed towards his pads, gets off the mark.

0.3 Vijay lets that one go into Mathew Wade’s gloves.

0.2 Rahul on strike, defends the ball with a straight bat, no run.

0.1 Off the mark straightaway, Vijay takes a quick single, nudges the ball towards short mid-wicket.

9:41 IST Murali Vijay on strike as Mitchell Starc opens the bowling.

India got exactly what they wanted, an early wicket to wrap up Australia’s first innings and then come into bat. It will be tough for India as well as the pitch will help Australian spinners Nathan Lyon and Steve O’Keefe.

94.5 WICKET! Mitchell Starc c Ravindra Jadeja b R Ashwin 61(63) The first innings is over. Starc in an attempt to hit a big shot, miscues it completely and Jadeja makes no mistake. Safe hands! A fighting knock from Starc comes to an end, Ashwin claps.

94.4 A ripper of a delivery, missed the off side edge by a mile.

94.3 No run on that occasion, Starc defends it.

94.2 Starc’s intentions are clear, hits the ball towards long on boundary for four.

94.1 That was quicker through the air, Starc comes forward and pushes it to the offside,

9:29 IST Mitchell Starc takes guard, R Ashwin to start the proceedings of Day 2.

9:24 IST Umpires are walking into the field, Day 2’s play will start in 5 minutes.

Welcome to InUth’s coverage of India vs Australia first Test at Pune, Day 2. On Day 1 we saw another Australian batting collapse on subcontinent soil. Pune pitch is dry and cracks had started to show up on the first day itself. Mitchell Starc will be looking to score as many runs as he can and get Australia to a respectable first innings score.

Day 1 of the first Test was an eventful one.We say Australia suffering a batting collapse as they lost four wickets in a matter of 15 runs. Umesh Yadav drew first blood as he got the wicket of explosive opener David Warner. Matthew Renshaw had a nature’s call which made him go into the dressing room and attend to his needs.

Soon, Jadeja got into the act dismissing Shaun Marsh and soon the wickets started falling in a heap. They lost Steven Smith, Handscomb in quick succession. Australians were reeling but a valiant display of resilience saw Australia go to lunch with five wickets down, they were in a deep hole already.

After tea, Umesh Yadav was brought back and he started getting the wickets. Australia were soon looking at an allout when Mitchell Starc showed some spine and carried Australia to a position of respectability. Starc scored a blistering half century. Josh Hazlewood gave him good support at the other end blocking the balls and not giving Indians a chance. Considering this is a crumbling pitch which is already turning, one feels India will have to bat out of their skin to come back and challenge the Aussies. Remember, Australia have two spinners in Lyon and Keefe and India have to be wary about it.