Shared cabs could soon be banned in Delhi. Here's why

The cabs in Delhi run as per the contract which allows no stoppage between the starting of the journey and the destination point

To avoid commuting in public transport in Delhi where it’s a task to get a seat, especially during peak hours, there are many who opt for travelling by sharing a cab. Who doesn’t like to sit in an air-conditioned cab and that too at a discounted price? However, soon commuters won’t be able to avail these benefits as the Delhi government is planning to ban the sharing of a cab as “it’s legally not permitted”.

As per a report in the Times of India, a government official said, “We plan to regulate operations of app-based cab services. Though a number of features of the scheme are yet to be finalised, cab sharing option would definitely have to go as it is legally not permitted.

The cabs in the city run as per the contract which allows no stoppage between the starting of the journey and the destination point. But in the cabs which are booked, stop at multiple locations so as to pick and drop the passengers. On the other hand, those with the stage carriage permit such as public buses are allowed to stop for picking and dropping the commuters at various spots on a given route.

“Such operations don’t come under the present legal framework as taxis are only allowed to be hired from one point to another and cannot pick and drop passengers,” the government official added.

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With app-based cab services such as Uber Pool and Ola Share commuters share their rides which are not only economically friendly but are also comfortable.

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As per the new scheme, which is in the drafting stage, a cap will be put on the number of taxis that an operator can have and the maximum amount that be taken from the customers.

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