Bengaluru gets its first disabled-friendly cab service [See Photos]

Bengaluru's first cab service that aims to help people suffering from physical disability

Accessibility to public transport is something we often take for granted but we often overlook how difficult it would be for a person who is physically challenged. India’s public transport is yet to become disabled friendly and we remain oblivion to the challenges faced by differently-abled people.

But there is a ray of hope, two entrepreneurs have launched a cab service in Bengaluru that aims to help people who are mobility challenged. Vidhya Ramasubban and Srikish Siva founded KickStart cabs in 2013. The duo started with three cabs that were modified to meet the needs of their customers.

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The features that make these cabs an instant hit are the turn-out wheel chair and a wheel chair roll-in ramp, according to The News Minute. So far, Kickstart  has served over 450 unique customers with 90% reusing the services. It charges about Rs 800 for a single trip of two-hours or a distance of 20 km along with the roll-in ramp.

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“Kickstart enables people of Bangalore city – including people with disabilities and senior citizens – to commute with least restrictions, maximum safety and comfort with special assistance for those who have difficulties getting in and out of vehicles.” says the startup’s official facebook page.

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The company also claims to provide personalised and accessible transport that will be comfortable to those with any kind of mobility restrictions. Revealing his future plans, Vidhya told NewsMinute: “We would like Kickstart to be a pan-India service. Our dream is for every part of the country to have multiple modes of transportation available and accessible for persons with disabilities and seniors.”