Rahul Gandhi confesses he agrees with PM Narendra Modi on these 2 issues

Rahul Gandhi recently admitted that he does wish his party had implemented a scheme PM Narendra Modi's government had

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who was recently speaking at the Princeton University admitted that he does agree with some of the schemes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had introduced. Rahul Gandhi acknowledged that he likes “Make in India” policy and wishes that Congress had introduced it earlier. He further added that the Modi government was not targeting the right people.

The Congress Vice president said, “I like the ‘Make in India’ concept but they are not targeting whom they should. My implementation and focus would be slightly different.” He further said that the though the Prime Minister believes in targeting the large business enterprises, he felt that small-scale companies should be targeted.

“PM Modi feels large businesses should be targeted. I feel medium and small companies should be targeted. That is where the jobs are going to come from,” Gandhi said in response to a question put forth by a student from a renowned university.

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He affirmed that “anger is building” among the masses due to the government’s failure in creating job opportunities and his challenge was to find a solution to the problem in a democratic environment. He also admitted that even the Congress was unable to solve the problem of creating jobs when they were in power and that the need of the hour is to accept the problem and find a solution together.

He further confessed that he also agrees with PM Modi as far as GST implementation is concerned. “We also agree on GST. We helped the government in passing the bill,” he said in a response to a question on whether he admired any scheme implemented by the Prime Minister.

Rahul Gandhi was recently applauded for his speech at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, where he affirmed that PM Modi was his Prime Minister too and he was “probably a better communicator” than him.

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Source: NDTV, Zee News