Papaya for Rs 5000, Brinjal for Rs 2000: Prices of vegetables at Gurmeet Ram Rahim's Dera

A person from Sangrur who once held a position in Dera told that a piece of jaggery was bought by a follower of Ram Rahim for Rs 1.15 lakh

As days are passing, more and more stories are coming out of what happened inside the Dera of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Now, another bizarre story has come to light as per which the Dera chief used to sell vegetables which were grown inside the Dera at exorbitant prices.

As per a Daily Post video, the single chilly would cost for ₹ 1000 (you heard it right), this was the price of a single chilly. And the price of other vegetables was equally sky-high, for 2 pieces of tomatoes one had to pay ₹1000, a papaya would cost ₹5000, 2 tomatoes for ₹1000, Brinjal would be of around ₹1000 to ₹2000 per piece (depending on its size).

One might think that who would be buying such expensive vegetables, but there were many followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who would get these vegetables as a ‘prasad’. Also, it was the responsibility of ‘bhangidars’ to deliver the vegetables to the houses of the devotees. Later, the money collected from the vegetables were sent to the management of the Dera

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A person from Sangrur who once held a position in Dera told that the piece of jaggery which was made by Gurmeet Ram Rahim was bought by one of his followers for a 1.15 lakh. Chairs which were used by Ram Rahim were brought somewhere by between 80,000 to 2 lakh by his followers.

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Meanwhile, on Tuesday the Haryana government gave a nod to conduct a search inside the headquarters of Dera Sacha Sauda located in Sirsa. A cinema hall, food court, an international school with a hostel, a 7- star hotel and resort, all of this was inside the headquarters of Dera.

(Source: Daily post, ABP News)

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