#ZairaWasim trends on social media after Dangal girl deletes her 'apology' posts

From millennials to elderly, people cutting across individual ideologies are expressing concern for Zaira Wasim

Even as Dangal girl Zaira Wasim has deleted her twin posts from social media after taking the entire country by storm, a sympathy wave is now trending on the internet in her favor. People have launched online campaigns in her support under hashtags like #ZairaWasim and #istandwithZairaWaseem. Not only people of her native Kashmir but others look equally concerned for the girl who on January 16 had posted an apology on the social media saying she doesn’t deserve to be a role model and that she be forgiven. She later deleted the posts.

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From millennials to elderly, people cutting across individual ideologies are expressing concern for her. “Never apologise to others for their misunderstanding of who you are,” posted Shazia Bakshi.

Even politicians have also joined the bandwagon in her support. PDP leader Javaid Trali posted this on his Facebook account: “Most Kashmiris have an inherent problem of letting others down. They don’t generally help others grow, and never even get happy about anyone’s achievements. Jealousy, enviousness or ‘aazarwun’ define their character. Zaira Wasim comes from a humble background, who puts some extraordinary effort and shines. It should not pain anyone, but it does, because they are, actually, burning of envy seeing her conquer success at this young and tender age. She must stay strong and pursue her dreams, and allow the detesters to turn in smoke owing to their negativity and selfishness.”

National Conference additional spokesman Sara Hayat Khan says: “Blaming a teenager for the blunders committed by the government is NOT FAIR. Zaira Waseem doesn’t deserve any criticism. Let’s help this little girl achieve more and more in life by encouraging her, let’s not kill her confidence. Trust me, I am a Woman and I do know how emotionally vulnerable we all are!! #IStandWithZairaWaseem.”

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On Monday, calling herself a “mother” Kashmiri separatist Asiya Andrabi had advised the Dangal girl to “return from the filth of Bollywood.” However, she added that she doesn’t want to blame Zaira as she is just a child who worked in the film with her parents’ consent. “Doors of Kashmir are always open. Above all Allah is all forgiving,” Andrabi had said.