Forget Coal-Fired Iron Box, Istriwallas In South India Will Use LPG Cylinder To Iron Clothes

Regular istriwallas across South India are getting a makeover. They will soon replace charcoal and electric iron with a cost-effective iron box which runs on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Many laundry services in Coimbatore are slowly preferring this environment-friendly option over the traditional variety.

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While speaking to NDTV about the feasibility of this innovative option, a presser from Coimbatore who uses the LPG-powered iron said that LPG-run irons were safer and far more economical as compared to the traditional charcoal-fired iron box and the regular electric irons.

“Earlier we used to use charcoal for ironing. There was always a fear that fire pieces or ash may fall on the clothes and damage them. We then started using electric iron box, but there was always a fear of electric shocks.”

Talking about the cost-effectiveness of this trendy option, he said that ‘5 kgs of gas could iron more than 800 clothes’. He also stated that the handy gas-run irons take lesser time as compared to the conventional methods to iron clothes.

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Also, this new device prevents pollution. In the traditional charcoal powered variety of irons, the launderers end up inhaling carbon dioxide for a long time, leading to several respiratory issues.