Meet This Cab Driver-Cum-YouTuber Who Runs 'Guru Ka Langar' In His Taxi

A man with many feathers in his hat, Singh is a poet, a chef, a motivational guru and a technical advisor.

34-year-old Goldy Singh starts his cab at 10 am every day. As he waits for customers to book rides, through Uber or Ola, he visualises his next YouTube video. What most of his clientele remain unaware of is that Singh is a poet, a chef, a motivational guru, and a technical advisor.

He also runs his own YouTube channel which has more than 18k followers from across the globe. Singh posted his first video six months back and it instantly went viral with around 3 lakh views

Singh’s YouTube journey started in January, exactly when Ola and Uber drivers started going on strikes. So Singh felt the need to teach other drivers about the profession along with its low and high points. Singh’s first video was titled ‘The Real Income of Ola and Uber’ in which he explained how much money he earns in a month after deducting fuel costs and maintenance expenses.

“I knew about YouTube. A few years back, I had uploaded a short poem so I knew that you can upload videos on YouTube,” said Singh. Explaining about his videos, he said, “In my videos, I just tell viewers about the profession and its pros and cons. I tell them about customer services and everything related to that. I know driving is important but at the same time, customer service is also important. So I tell viewers that before joining this profession, how they can talk to fellow drivers and do a proper research.”

Singh records his videos primarily in Hindi, with a bit of English and Punjabi. He shoots his videos on cellphone and uploads around two to three every week. He is not stuck to just one type of video. A food lover, Singh also uploads food Vlogs and recipe videos.

But it all began with a rocky start. After his matriculation, Singh used to work as a technician with a company. From fitting air conditioners to refrigerators, he worked for around eight years, but then he had an accident while installing a split AC. The incident brought his career to a halt but he didn’t lose hope and switched his career to driving passenger cabs. Singh has utilised his technical knowledge for his YouTube platform as well. He has made several technology-related videos like ‘How To Chill Your Car AC’, ‘Car maintenance’, and ‘Split AC service’.

Giving Back To The Society

Just like the person, even his car is special. In November last year, he started serving water, cold drinks, chips, candies, and juices to his customers for free.

He believes: “This is not a very big thing. When somebody comes to our house or office, we ask for water. So this is also my office and whenever somebody travels with me, I serve them water and ask for other things. This is just a part of Indian culture that I am taking forward.”

Singh is following this as Daswand of the Sikh tradition, in which people spend 10 per cent of their earnings for charity and betterment of the society. This is a way for Goldy to serve people and he calls it ‘Guru ka Langar’. He has a bright pink menu in his cab for customers to choose from.

Dreams Never End

That’s not all. Goldy doesn’t hesitate to dream big. He now also wants to appear on TV. A lot of his customers and followers have told him that he could appear on Bigg Boss. “I want to participate in a reality show. I have even learned bhangra. I also wanted to try for this season’s Bigg Boss but they have a different concept this time. So right now I just want to be part of any reality show and appear on TV.”