Caught on camera: Seven-year-old boy hit by a speeding bike in Telangana, dies

The boy was rushed to the hospital where he was declared brought dead by the hospital authorities. After the incident, the police arrested the biker and remanded him to judicial custody

In a tragic incident, a seven-year-old boy in Telangana died after being hit by a speeding bike coming from the other side, when he was trying to cross the road. The incident which took place on July 17 (Sunday) was recorded on a CCTV in Karimnagar district at the Gangadhar crossing. The boy has been identified as Akshay.

As per the video, the seven-year-old was accompanied by his mother and sister. His mother was holding him and his sister when he suddenly rushed towards the other side of the road. At that time a high speeding bike coming from the other side hit the boy dragging the boy for about 200 metres. The hit was so forceful that the boy flung into the air before falling on the ground.

Soon, after which many people rushed to the spot and took the boy to the hospital. He was declared brought dead by the hospital authorities. The boy along with the his mother and sister was going to his grandparents house for two days on a vacation when the tragic incident took place.

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As per a report in the Mumbai Mirror, Srilatha resident of Tadagonda village was taking the children Akshay Kumar and Akshaya (5) at their grandparent’s house. They got down from an auto at Gangadhara and were waiting for the bus.

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The man driving the bike has been identified as Sai Krishna who is a resident of Mangapet took to U-turn after he hit the boy but took the other direction on seeing the crowd. He was later arrested by the police and has been remanded to judicial custody.

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