New Bengaluru traffic rules: These yellow zig-zag patterns on road crossings will ensure pedestrians' safety

It is an area which has to be cleared by the vehicle without stopping there and are basically meant to keep the area vacant

In order to ensure the safety of the pedestrians walking down the roads of Bengaluru city, the traffic police administration has made zig-zag lines or checkered yellow patterns at several crossings across the city. Now if your are in Bengaluru and are not getting the point why these markings are made then it is better to understand it’s value before you get penalised for violating the traffic rules.

These areas with zig-zag pattern painted in yellow at the crossings are meant for the pedestrians while motorcycles are not at all allowed to halt here. It is an area which has to be cleared by the vehicle without stopping there. They are basically meant to keep the area vacant. However, the motorcyclists could enter the criss-cross area only when their way ahead is clear with enough space on the other side as well.

Mostly the bikers or two-wheeler riders move towards the intersections in case of heavy traffic on the road just to move ahead. But their piling up block the movement of vehicles towards other direction.

According to the media reports, R Hitendra, Bengaluru’s additional commissioner of traffic police said,”These zig-zag lines are created for the safety purpose of the pedestrians. Mostly the bikers stop near the junction and block the vision of pedestrians crossing the road. But if we could clear the area, the number of accidents could be minimised.”

These areas will be under control of the traffic police personnel while the traffic cameras have also been installed. On March 25, 1800 cases were booked against such bikers at these junctions.