Bigg Boss 10: Sexist Swami Om is at his best again. But for how long will women like Lopa & Mona fight?

It's time Bigg Boss team should officially start objecting to the sexist comments being made among the contestants. They do object when it comes to religion, race or community.

It was a glad to see Lopamudra Raut giving it back to Swami Om in the last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 10. After the completion of the luxury budget task, Swami Om went to talk to Lopa in the kitchen and queried her about why didn’t she talk to Monalisa on his behalf. In the task, Swami ji had (once again) made some strictly offensive remarks against Mona. During the task, all the housemates were asked to live without any luxury including the bed. This made the contestants sleep on floor with just one blanket which was shared among 6 of them.

Swami ji, owing to his filthy parampara-pratishtha game that he brings out for every woman in the house, claimed that he saw Mona and Manu making out in the blanket. He then apologised to Mona later. However, the actress refused to listen to him. Swami ji later wanted Lopa to play the mediator. However, Lopamudra asserted that she will not talk to Mona citing that Swami Om has been doing this to most women in the house and it’s high time he keeps his life-rules to himself.

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Monalisa in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for

Monalisa in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

When Swami Om argued that he doesn’t have any issue with Mona and Manu getting along but this should happen ‘parde ke piche,’ Lopa got furious. She told Swami ji that he is nobody to decide the boundaries of morality for anyone inside or outside the house. “Sab yahan adults hai. Sab apne liye soch sakte hai. Mona ka decision uska personal decision hai,” she added. She also asked Swami ji to put his parampara in his pocket and then talk to her.

These kinds of arguments are quite common in the show. As regular announcements are being made in the Bigg Boss house if a contestant  happens to be commenting on a religion, community or race, but not if sexism comes in question. Many a time, offensive comments have been made against how a woman is being dressed in the show, or talking to a man inside the house. Eyebrows are raised if a female contestant is fond of one male contestant more than the rest. Hugs, kisses and holding hands directly mean that the woman is trying to get close to the man in the house.

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Lopamudra Raut in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for

Lopmudra Raut in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

But this is not a problem inside the house. Of course, sexism is so deeply rooted in the society that we don’t even see such incidents from the eye of a woman. People like Mona or Lopa have been fighting for their rights in Bigg Boss and boldly taking stances against contestants like Swami Om. But it’s time, Bigg Boss himself takes notice of such things. The country watches this controversial reality TV show. If not anything else, a small step from the makers (like objecting to such sexist comments officially in the house), would make viewers aware about gender discourse.

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