Blake Shelton crowned 'Sexiest Man Alive', here's who we would have voted for

Blake Shelton was announced as the Sexiest Man Alive and Twitter users were not happy with the choice

People’s magazine has announced Blake Shelton as the Sexiest Man Alive of 2017, and Twitter ain’t happy about it. Shelton, 41, is a regular on television as he judges The Voice. Shelton, who judges the reality show The Voice, has been doing well professionally with his latest album, Texoma Shore, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums.

On learning about the honour, Shelton’s first reaction was ‘You’ll must be running out of people’, and turns out that is exactly what many on the Internet are thinking. Shelton also added his biggest incentive on being bestowed with this title was the fact that he could flaunt it in front of Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice co-judge, Adam Levine.

As ecstatic as Shelton was with the honour, and even went on to give credit to his girlfriend, Twitter was not having any of it:

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Well, since not everyone is happy with Shelton’s crowning as this year’s sexiest man, here is a list we curated, which might not have received such flak. Folks at people could have chosen from these names:

Chris Pine:

Chris is stupendously sexy, without a shred of doubt. Don’t believe us, just watch:

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Or this infectious smile:

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Fawad Khan:

Well, yeah. Small chance of that happening. But the breathtakingly good-looking actor can sing too. And also recite Urdu poetry with such finesse you’ll want to know more about the language.

Point well made, right?

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Aziz Ansari:

It’s impossible to not notice Aziz’s sex appeal. The man is funny. He can act. He is intelligent. How is none of this sexy?

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And one from his native land where he redefines Indianess sexy:

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Barack Obama:

Like if there aren’t enough reasons to love Barack Obama, can we please put the spotlight on how sexy he is?

And kids love him:

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Idris Elba:

The possibility of him playing James Bond gave everyone hope during Trumpocalypse, and we are still holding on to it (kind of).

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Reading is sexy, yes?

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Ezra Miller:

It’s only Ezra who can attend a red carpet event wearing a bright lipstick and be fine with all the attention. Put a bit of respek on his name.

A post shared by Ezra Miller (@ezrator) on

A post shared by Ezra Miller (@ezrator) on

Ian Somerhalder:

The vampire of our (teenage?) dreams, Ian is what perfection would look if it were a person.

And a picture of Ian ‘Damon-ing’:

#TVD is on RIGHT NOW East Coast and Central Time Zones!

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Dev Patel:

Dev Patel quickly went from lanky teenager to gorgeous human specimen of the male kind and we are totally crushing on the change:

A post shared by Dev Patel (@devpatelfans) on

A post shared by Dev Patel (@devpatelfans) on


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