Why this unscripted kiss in Stranger Things season 2 is making social media angry

The second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things is riding high on amazing reviews both from critics and from fans. But amidst the applause, the creators of the show – the Duffer Brothers  – are facing a lot of flak for making a minor cast member uncomfortable.

For those unfamiliar with the way Netflix works, often after a season gets over the show-runners give us a glimpse into the making of the series. In a special episode titled Beyond Stranger Things, Sadie Sink, the actress who essayed Max’s character revealed the kiss with Lucas (played by Caleb McLaughlin) in the last episode – The Gate, was not in the script. It was added by the makers after they realised she’s ‘uncomfortable’ with it. This last-minute change in the script by the brothers after 15-year-old Sadie expressed reluctance at doing an intimate scene has sparked an outrage on social media.

Sadie Sink in Stranger Things Season 2 | Photo for InUth.com

Sadie Sink in Stranger Things Season 2

The said scene plays out on the last episode at the ‘Snow Ball Dance’ (a prom episode) of Hawkins Middle School, in front of the entire cast and crew. Talking about it, Sadie said,

It was not written in the script. The kiss was not written in the script. One of you – I think it was you, Ross (Duffer) – was like, ‘Oh Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’ I’m like, ‘What? Nope! That’s not in the script. That’s not happening.’ And so the whole day I was stressed out.

To this, Ross Duffer replied,

You reacted so strongly to this. I was just joking. And you were so freaked out I was like oh, well, I gotta make you do it now. That’s what happened. That’s why it’s your fault.

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Here is the video: 

Though the conversation in the video was light-hearted, Twitter users were quick to point out how the Duffer brothers, as the dup’s called, forced a child actor to do a kissing scene which she was apprehensive about. AND, it had to be reshot several times because they found it difficult to capture Caleb McLaughlin’s (Lucas) expression.

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In the light of the #MeToo campaign, the news has made many angry on Twitter:




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Two child actors, in the presence of the entire cast and crew, and maybe even their parents, were forced to kiss only because of Sadie’s aversion to it? Yeah. That makes sense. The Duffer brothers are yet to comment on the outrage their decision has sparked.

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