Bigg Boss 10: Boring Monalisa wants to be evicted. Let's oblige!

She has appeared dull as compared to her fellow contestants

The four contestants nominated for eviction in Big Boss 10 house this week are Priyanka Jagga, Manu Punjabi, Gaurav Chopra and Monalisa. And among all of these, Monalisa’s possibility of getting ousted is the most. There’re reasons to it.

  1. The Bhojpuri actress hasn’t done a lot to interact with the Bigg Boss audiences. Except during the morning dance that most of the contestants do when Bigg Boss alarm rings, it’s difficult to see her on screen.

  2. She does not participate in tasks and was even deemed as the worst performer by her team members. She is currently serving a jail term with Swami Om as a punishment therefore.

  3. Monalisa is an actress and has a good fan following in North India. But, she just doesn’t seem to be utilising that. Leave aside putting any extra efforts, the actress is not even seen involving in regular household discussions with the fellow contestants.

  4. It was only in last night’s episode that she raised her voice for a while. But ended up shedding tears for the same. A few days back as well, she was seen talking to the camera expressing how she wants to come out of the show.

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When a contestant agrees to participate in a reality show like Bigg Boss, he/she plans or builds some strategies. If not more, audiences expect a contestant to entertain them. So when the same contestant says that he/ she wants to leave the show, it doesn’t seem justified. Of course, the contestant is expected to be aware of the mood inside the house. That is why most of the participants keep a watch on the previous seasons to get the hang of the show beforehand. We wonder if Monalisa even bothered to do that!

Monalisa in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for InUth dot com

Monalisa in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

As is, the house doesn’t deserve such dull contestants. What’s your say?

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