Amit Shah trolls Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Uttar Pradesh. You just cannot miss this!

Remember how Rahul Gandhi does not miss a chance to begin his campaign speech by two words: 'Modi ji'. Amit Shah too seems to have taken the cue

During all the voting and high-pitched battle for all parties, the one thing that is worth looking forward to is the creative side of the political leaders. The one-liners and the mimicry acts are often the icing on the cake and a break from the monotony of rallies and campaigns. UP elections are also not disappointing us.

Remember how Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi does not miss a chance to begin his campaign speech by two words: ‘Modi ji’ and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also ready with his jibes for the ‘young’ Congress leader. This time, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah is taking potshots at Rahul. Mimicking him at a rally in Uttar Pradesh, Amit Shah missed no chance to troll ‘Rahul baba’. And did he do it well? Check it for yourself. (Jump to 4:00 seconds in the video.)

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He also did not miss a chance to attack the new-formed Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance in Uttar Pradesh. Mocking both Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi, he said: “Ek se maa pareshan hai, doosre se pita. (On one hand, a mother is irritated, and the other is irritating his father),” he said.

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Rahul has been aggressively campaigning along with Akhilesh for the alliance across various districts in Uttar Pradesh. The duo has addressed several roadshows and press conferences together and has vowed to defeat BJP in the elections.

Recently, Rahul had been trolled on social media when he attacked Modi by showing his torn pocket and claiming that he works for the poor while the Prime Minister is not concerned about them.

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At a rally in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul stopped his speech mid-way and showed the torn pocket of his white kurta, saying: “Mera kurta phata hua hai…lekin Modiji ka kurta kabhi phata hua nahi milta. Bade paisewalon ke saath unki photo milegi (I wear torn kurta but you will never find Modiji wearing a torn kurta. He can only be spotted with the rich people.)

“I am doing politics for the poor. Modiji’s photo appears with the super rich,” Rahul had said.