Find out what happened when Rahul Gandhi tried to troll Modi. The result was hilarious

Rahul Gandhi decided to troll Modi at a press conference but Rahul, being Rahul, ended up trolling himself. Watch the hilarious video now:

Time and again, Rahul Gandhi has proved that he truly deserves the number one spot in the list of ‘most trolled politicians’ but this time he has taken things in his own hands. A hilarious video of Rahul Gandhi trying to troll Modi has gone viral and it is undoubtedly ‘self-trolling’ at its best.

Yes, there’s ‘taare zameen par’ playing in the back ground.

Recently, Rahul and Akhilesh Yadav were addressing a press conference in Uttar Pradesh.
During the press conference, a reporter said that he was representing the number one news channel in Uttar Pradesh and Rahul tried trolling him by comparing his ‘numero uno’ claims with Modi’s.
Gandhi was asked by the reporter ‘Why should Muslims vote for you?’ Granted the question wasn’t exactly a very intellectual one, Rahul could have handled it SO much better.

Rahul childishly went on to complete his horrible joke by saying Modi ji claims he is number one and there is no ‘number two’. Post completing the “joke”, he forgot the question asked by the journalist.

The funniest thing in the video is Akhilesh Yadav’s awkward/nervous laughter throughout the video. He looks like an embarrassed guy trying to handle his drunk friend.

Watch the entire video here:

Check out some hilarious tweets trolling Gandhi:

And as if these weren’t enough, he just gave social media some new cheese to nibble on!