A peep into Rahul Gandhi's slambook: 4 of RG's anti-Modi pet themes

Rahul Gandhi's image has surely taken a beating, for now. But, he should remember that not-so-long-ago, he was the youth icon of the nation.

It seems that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi feels that repeating his old statements would help him in making a mark in the Indian politics.

Rahul who has so far ‘failed’ to revive the floundering fortunes of the grand old party of India, was in Rajasthan today for addressing a public rally in Baran. During the rally, he continued his tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, “what he forgot to add was new points in his speech”.

PM Modi has drawn flak from all corners of the country ever since he announced the decision of demonetising Rs 500 and 1000 notes. Even a united opposition was formed to slam Modi over his decision and highlight the problems of the people post demonetisation.

Though there’s no denying that Rahul Gandhi did everything to slam the prime minister, one thing that has been observed is that he keeps on ‘repeating his statements’.

Ever since the rise of social media, it is naive to assume that anything will go unnoticed by the media or the public for that matter. So if Rahul is saying something in any part of the country, it will reach to the masses without even any publicity.

Despite all of this, Rahul Gandhi’s strategy is completely different. He keeps on repeating the same statements whenever he goes for a public rally in a state. It seems either he has a limited set of statements or he doesn’t want to speak anything new.

Today in Rajasthan, Rahul said things which he has been saying from a long time. Here’s a look at his ‘repetitive statements’:

‘Paytm means Pay to Modi’

While addressing the public rally and continuing his tirade against the prime minister, Rahul spoke about Paytm (e-wallet) and said that the company’s full-form is “Pay to Modi (Paytm)”. While, maybe Rahul thinks that the people were left awestruck after his statement, didn’t he say the same thing on December 8?

On December 8, Rahul Gandhi had dubbed demonetisation as a foolish decision by the PM and had said that Modi urges nation to focus on cashless transactions because Paytm means “paying to Modi”.

(Courtesy: YouTube/OneIndia)

‘You had promised to bring black money from abroad’

Speaking about the saffron brigade’s promise to bring back black money from abroad accounts, Rahul said “Earlier, Modi ji said we’ll bring back black money and distribute the money to the poor but later he changed his narrative. His decision has only caused trouble to the poor”.

Four days ago, Rahul had demanded the same as above and questioned the prime minister over his promise of bringing black money from abroad. While slamming the PM over demonetisation, Rahul had said that the BJP had promised to bring back the money from foreign accounts and distribute that money to the poor, but instead they have taken the money of the poor and middle-class section of the society.

(Courtesy: YouTube/Narendra Modi)

‘Modi is working for the capitalists’

Gandhi today said that the Modi government is working for the capitalists. He said that the rich class doesn’t keep cash with them and their black money is either in Swiss Bank accounts or they have invested it in real estate or other things. He accused the BJP government of not acting against the black money hoarders.

On December 20, Rahul had said the same thing. He had said that PM Modi’s decision has only affected the poor and middle-class and that the rich class is still enjoying after the demonetisation.

The Congress vice president said 94% black money is either stashed away in foreign accounts or is parked in gold and real estate. “But the PM is running after six percent black money. Not all cash is black money and not all black money is in cash,” he said.

‘Land Acquisition Bill and BJP’s indifference towards farmers’

The Amethi MP while addressing the rally said that it was his party which introduced Land Acquisition Bill for farmers to get right price of their land, but Modi Ji tried to stop it thrice by ordinance. “Now, Farmers commit suicide every day in the country but still government did not pay heed to their demands put forward by us,” he said.

This is not for the first time when Rahul brought up this issue, earlier he had said that the Narendra Modi government is trying to weaken the economic base of farmers.

“This government does not care for farmers. Rural wages have also decreased. Allocations for MGNREGA have been cut down,” he had said.

Rahul Gandhi’s image has surely taken a beating, for now. But, he should remember that not-so-long-ago, he was the youth icon of the nation.

Gandhi’s line of attack is very clear; he wants to position himself as the leader of the common man. But, he surely needs to change himself a bit. By reiterating what he said earlier will definitely not help him make a mark, today’s voters are different than what they were back in the 80s and the 90s.