UK elections 2017: Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi becomes first turban wearing Sikh to become an MP

Popularly known as 'Tan', Dhesi has won from Slough. He achieved the feat by defeating Conservative Party's Mark Vivis with a huge margin of 17, 000 votes

In a surprise UK mid-term elections, Labour Party’s Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi has become first ever turban-wearing Sikh to become the MP in the House of Commons. Popularly known as ‘Tan’, he won from Slough. The constituency, where previous Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart won by a majority of 7,336 (15.2 per cent) in the 2015 election. He achieved the feat by defeating Conservative Party’s Mark Vivis with a huge margin of 17, 000 votes.

On being to chosen by the Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) party, Dhesi a currently local councillor for Gravesham said, “I am humbled to be selected as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Slough and hope to have the honour of serving the town where I was born and raised”.

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However, a controversy broke out when Dhesi was selected by the party because as per the party’s policy, only women are selected for seats which were earlier held by women candidates. Mactaggart has resigned from the office early this month and like many veterans declared to not contest in the next general elections.

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“We know there remains some controversy about Tanmanjeet’s selection, but this is a matter for the Labour National Executive Committee (NEC),” a spokesperson said.

 “What we do know is Labour has selected a turban-wearing Sikh who has an excellent chance to become the first turban-wearing Sikh in the House of Commons and he will have our full support,” added the spokesperson.
Meanwhile, Preet Kaur Gill, also a Labour party candidate became the first female Sikh MP by winning in the elections. She has won from Birmingham Edgbaston.
Source: The Times of India


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