CNN anchors mock Indian American Spelling Bee winner Ananya Vinay with racist comment, Twitter calls it 'cruel' and 'sad'

Indian origin Ananya Vinay asked the definition of the word 'Covfefe' which the anchors asked her to spell. She then asked its definition, the way it's done in the spelling bee competition, to which anchors responded "gibberish"

Two CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo are being criticised on social media for their alleged racist remark against Indian-American Ananya Vinay who won this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee competition. After winning the competition she was invited to the show. The anchors there asked her to spell the word, ‘COVFEFE’. This is the same word that President Donald Trump used in one his tweets recently which kept people guessing as what he actually meant by writing this word

Ananya asked the definition of the word the way it’s done in the spelling bee competition, to which the anchors responded “gibberish.” She finally spelt it as ‘cofefe’. Then, Camerota told Vinay the correct spelling was ‘covfefe’ and said, “It’s a nonsense word. So, we’re not sure that its root is actually in Sanskrit, which is what you’re probably, uh, used to using, so, I don’t know. Anyway.”

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Here’s how Twitter reacted to it:

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For past many years, it is an Indian who wins the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition and this year was no different when an Indian-American Ananya Vinay of Fresno, California was announced the winner and received a cash prize of $40, 000 after winning the competition that went on for 12 hours. The word that made her win the competition was ‘marocain’ a dress fabric made of silk or wool or both. The event took place at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in suburban Washington. After winning the competition, Ananya told ESPN, “It’s like a dream come true. I am so happy right now”.


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