Watch: Man turns Amazon's Alexa into a talking skull and it's creeping everyone out

Waiting for Halloween? Not anymore

Technology these days has become fairly creepy. From spy cameras to talking dolls and internet surveillance, the world today is full of gizmos and gadgets that will give you chills (literally!). And if you like messing around with people and playing pranks, you can get as creative as you like.

Something similar happened in the case of Mike McGurrin, who took inspiration from Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa and gave Amazon’s smart speaker Alexa his own Halloween-ish twist.

McGurrin hacked into Alexa to talk to it and used a skull from an old Halloween decoration to give the effect. In the video, he asks Alexa to tell him the local temperature. While it’s Alexa that is answering McGurrin’s question, it seems as if it is the skull that is talking back.

The entire project has been documented on hackster under the title ‘The Yorick Project’, in which McGurrin gives insider details into how you too can experiment with creepy decors and startle your friends with your spooky ideas.

Pro tip: If you want to scare your friends, pair up setup with a table lamp and turn off the lights of the room for the effect.

You don’t need to wait for Halloween to have fun. All you need is Alexa!