Wow! WhatsApp may soon let you edit or delete sent messages

What if you could edit yourself on WhatsApp?

It’s just 10 days remaining for the New Year and tech companies have already started showering us with mind-blowing features. After Instagram launched a feature enabling the users to bookmark their favourite posts, world’s most popular instant-messaging WhatsApp has is coming up with a new feature that could soon let you edit or delete sent messages. (Isn’t it awesome!)

Although the editing feature seems too good to be true, it could potentially save you from an embarrassing situation, specially in case you sent a message ‘accidentally’. The word is that the company is testing the feature on the beta version of its iOS app, an area where Whatsapp has been lacking behind in introducing new features.

It appears that pressing and holding a sent message now gives you a bundle of options including– delete, reply, forward and copy (that were introduced earlier this year), and revoke and edit (which the app is testing). While the edit feature lets you edit a sent message, pretty much the way WhatApp’s parent company Facebook lets you edit the comments, the revoke feature pulls the text from the conversation as if it never existed.

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But there’s a catch. You will be able to revoke a message only if the recipient hasn’t seen your message.

The feature is still in the testing mode and it’s highly uncertain when the company will start testing the Android version of the app, should it ever hit a home run.

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