WhatsApp for Android is getting Facebook-like coloured text status. Here's how it works

The beta version of WhatsApp for Android is getting a new update as a part of which users will be able to share colourful text statuses with their contacts. Users need to have WhatsApp version 2.17.291 on their smartphones

Remember last year Facebook started flooding with colourful statuses? Well, it’s happening again, only this time the update is coming to WhatsApp. The beta version of WhatsApp for Android will soon be getting a new feature that will allow users to share colourful text statuses along with sharing photos and videos.

According to the reports, the colourful text status will be available as a part of WhatsApp beta version 2.17.291 and it will be available only to those who have enrolled to the social messaging app’s official Play Store beta program. The reports state that the update is probably a server-side update, which means that the feature might not be available to the general public even if they have the latest version of the app on their Android smartphones.

So, how will the feature work? If the feature makes it to the final app, the app will reportedly get a new floating pencil button above the camera icon on the right-hand corner of the app. Users can click the pencil icon to add colourful text status. The feature will sport three options– the emoticon option to add smileys, the text option and the colour palette option to change the background colour. Once done, users can tap on the green arrow icon to share the status.

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WhatsApp is reportedly working on adding a bundle of features to its app. Apart from adding a recall feature, which will allow users to recall a sent message within a given time frame, the company is also planning on integrating online payment system on to its app.

(Source: Android Police)

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