How to make GIF from videos in WhatsApp

Do you know you cannot only share GIFs on WhatsApp but also make your customised GIFs? Follow this step-by-step guide to make GIFs on WhatsApp

Ask anyone to list five of the most used apps on their smartphone and you know WhatsApp will always be on the top of their list. WhatsApp has made our lives easier, ever since it was launched in December 2009. The millennials today are addicted to it. We use it to stay in touch with distant relatives and close friends. We use it to share ‘love notes’ with our partners and crazy and fun images with our ‘gang’.

But those are some of the most commonly used features of this wondrous social messaging app. Ever since WhatsApp joined the Facebook community, a number of features have been added on to its platform. From video chatting feature to GIF search, from file sharing feature to pinned chats, WhatApp today is not just an app with a couple of cool features but an entire digital ecosystem in itself.

Do you know you can make your own GIFs in WhatsApp?

No, we are not talking about the GIF search but about making your very own customised GIFs in WhatsApp (yeah, we can see those smiles coming back). If you are still unsure on how do you take on this impossible quest, just follow these steps and turn WhatsApp into your personal entertainment app:

But before you start having fun with WhatsApp, here are a few things that you require– latest version of WhatsApp, a smartphone and Internet connectivity. Now that everything is in place, let’s have some fun.

Step 1: Tap on the paperclip icon and then tap on the camera option in a chat window to record a video. You can also use a pre-recorded video.

Step 2: Trim the video to limit the time to 6 seconds.

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How to make a GIF in WhatsApp (Photo: WhatsApp grab)

Step 3: Now tap on the GIF button on the top right side of the editing window.

Step 4: Add emoticons, text and caption to make your GIF more creative.

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Step 5: Hit the send button.


How to make a GIF in WhatsApp (Photo: WhatsApp grab)

See, it’s that simple! Now replay a memory or make fun of your friend all using WhatsApp. Happy WhatsApp-ing folks!

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