Cheat Sheet: Now read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing

Two blue ticks in WhatsApp indicate that the message has been read by the receiver. But there's a simple way you can read message avoiding the blue ticks. Check out how

Ever since Facebook took over WhatsApp, the social messaging app has seen a number of features being added to its platform. From increasing the photo-sharing limit on the app to adding support for sharing GIFs, WhatsApp has come a long way from where it began back in 2009. Among other features that include creative features and security enhancements, the company introduced a three-step mechanism to determine if your message has been delivered and read by the receiver.

While a single gray tick indicates that your message has been sent, double gray ticks indicate that the message has been delivered. Double blue ticks are the game changer as they determine if your message has been read by the receiver. These pesky blue ticks have not only lead to countless fights between friends but also caused numerous breakups. They have also proven to be a buzz kill in situations when you are trying to flirt with your crush.

But do you know there’s a simple way you can read the messages on WhatsApp without ever letting the blue ticks getting in your game?

Well, the trick is really simple. All you need to do is turn on the Flight mode on your phone after you receive the message. Now open the app and read the message. Make sure that you carefully close the app before you turn off the Flight mode (Yes, it’s that simple!).

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Of Course, you can turn off the ‘blue tick’ notification permanently and be lost in the world of the unknown forever. Here’s how to do it: tap on three dots in your app> tap on Settings> tap on Account> tap on Privacy> untick Read Receipts.

Happy WhatsApp-ing folks!