What is Android Go and how to download it -- Know all about Google's latest offering

Google made the official announcement about Android Go at the Google I/O developers conference last week. If you are confused like others, it is not Android O. Here's how it's different

Google made the official announcement about Android Go at the Google I/O developers conference last week. And ever since it made the big announcement, the world has been going crazy trying to figure out what is ‘Android Go’? Is it a new operating system (OS) or is it some sort of update to Android One, the hardware and software standard created by Google for the systems running on Android?

Well, the mystery has finally been solved and the answer will shock you.

What is Android Go?
For starters, Android Go is not a new operating system, rather it’s a bunch of configuration settings that work in tandem with Google’s upcoming operating system– Android O, to give users a better experience.

Android Go is a bunch of preset that have been exclusively designed for smartphones running on 1GB RAM or less.

Can I download Android Go settings on my smartphone?
No, as the presets are not defined at the user level but by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) at the time of manufacturing at the factory.

How is Android Go different from Android O?
To clarify, Android Go is a set of presets in Android O. Since, it has been tailor-made for low RAM devices, it will include app optimisations and system settings that consume less memory space. For example, instead of having the regular version of YouTube, Android Go will feature YouTube Go app, that not only consumes less data but also takes less space in the memory.

Android Go includes optimising Android O, optimising Google apps and special category of apps for Android Go devices by the third party developers.

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Will all apps running on Android O, run on Android Go?
Apart from the apps that come with certain hardware limitations, all apps running on Android O will run on Android Go. As far as the Google Play Store is concerned, it will feature both the ‘regular’ and Android Go versions of the apps.

Can I download Android Go on my smartphone?
Most certainly no, as Android Go is an extension of Android O.

When will Google ship Android Go?
The first batch of Android Go devices is likely to hit the market in 2018.

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