Android O: From release date to features, here's what you should know

Brace yourselves people as Android O is on its way. Google released the second developer preview of Android O at Google I/O and we are already excited about the final release. Check out the details here

Brace yourselves people as Android O is on its way! Google has released the second developer preview of its new operating systems (OS) for smartphones– Android O and admittedly we are already excited about the final release. Dubbed as Android 8.0 or Android O (we’ll get to the name part later), Google’s upcoming OS will not only boost the battery life of smartphones but also feature security enhancements. But that’s not it as Android O packs a host of new features that will make multi-tasking easy and fun.

Meanwhile, here’s what you should know about Android’s brand new babyAndroid O:


“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet”, wrote William Shakespeare, if only Android existed back then!

The mystery surrounding Android O seems to have no end. After all, there are so many yummy options out there (PS: Google names its Android OS after desserts). But tech enthusiasts across the globe have their suspicions and ‘Android Oreo‘ seems to have emerged as the front-runner. Not far behind are ‘Android Orange‘ and ‘Android Oatmeal Cookie‘. Of course, the mystery will continue to rattle our brains till Google releases the public version of the OS.

Release Date

To refresh your memories, Google released the first developer preview of Android O back in March this year and it released the second developer preview at Google I/O in May. If all goes according to the plan, Google will release the final version of Android O to the public sometime around late August or early September.

The initial release would be made available for Google Pixel and Nexus smartphones.


As we mentioned earlier, Android O will be loaded with new and exciting features that will make surfing the waters with Android fun.

Check out some of the cool features that Android O will sport:

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Fluid Experience
Google wants you to enjoy multi-tasking on your Android smartphone. And do to make your life simple, Google is introducing TensorFlow Lite, which is a low-powered version of its machine learning tool Tensor Flow. The tool is designed to make better use of the neural networks to give you a better overall experience.

Google wants you to watch video uninterruptedly. So, the company is introducing PIP mode in Android O, which will let you watch videos as you use other apps.

Notification Dots
Google wants to make notifications on your smartphone easy peasy. Android O users will see a small dot on top of their app icons. Long press the app icon with the notification dot to view the update in a tiny pop-up window.

Smart Text Selection
Selecting text on Android can be a bit tedious task, especially when you are trying to select an entire phrase. Thankfully for us, Android O will feature a smart text selection feature that will intelligently select the entire phrase based on what you are selecting.

Auto Fill
Android O is getting another useful update. With Android O you won’t have to manually enter your username and password in apps separately. All it will take is a single tap.

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