Watch: Samsung's video about a flying ostrich will make you happy-cry

No, it's not Red Bull that helps the cute ostrich fly!

We all know that an ostrich cannot fly, thanks to its weight issues. But what if it could? No, we are not talking about the ostrich drinking Red Bull to get wings. What if it could just fly? Well, tech giant Samsung plans on making the ostrich’s dreams come true using one simple trick– virtual reality.

The company on Wednesday unveiled the upgraded version its virtual reality (VR) gear– Gear VR along with its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8. And its latest advertisement is a reflection of how the company plans on turning dreams into reality.

The latest commercial shows a curious ostrich getting stuck into Gear VR that has a flight simulator video playing on it. As the video continues, the ostrich tries to fly donning Samsung’s Gear VR, failing countless times in the process before it gives it a final shot. And guess what? It starts flying high in the sky as its friends watch him take over the desert.

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“We make what can’t be made, so you can do what can’t be done,” the advertisement says in the end.

The message is pretty clear– do what you want as the tech giant plans on making the impossible happen using its virtual reality gear.

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The video comes as a refreshing change at a time when most brands brag the features of their devices as they introduce them. And the journey of the cute and lonely ostrich towards realising its dreams is just heart warming and is sure to bring happy tears to your eyes.