This martial artist has created flamethrowers that will remind you of Ironman-- Watch video

Los Angeles based martial artist based artist has created flamethrowers that will remind you of Ironman. You can even make these interesting device at home. Check out the details inside

If you are an Avengers fan, Ironman series will definitely be on top of the list of the movies that you watch frequently. Be it the original Ironman movie that marked the beginning of the Ironman frenzy worldwide or Ironman 3, in which Tony Stark faces one of his worst enemies the Mandarin, the Ironman series has fascinated people from all walks of life and made superheroes look more ‘scientifically smart’ sassy and approachable.

The Ironman series has also highlighted another fact– superheroes are simple human beings who defy all odds to fight for the things they believe in (with a little help from outside of course!). As far as the Ironman series is concerned, fans across the globe have repeatedly tried to replicate various facets of the suit (remember Mark Zuckerberg built his own Jarvis?).

And now a Los Angeles based martial Allen Pan artist has created a pair of wrist mounted devices that allows the person wearing it to emit bursts of flames just like in the original Ironman movie. The Punch activated arm flamethrowers come with an accelerometer that ensures that the burst of flame comes out only when it senses a good punch.

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The device contains a butane fuel chamber and a modified arc lighter (almost like Ironman!) that help light the flame. The project is available on and you can get step by step tutorials. Beware, it’s a fairly advanced project and you need to have a variety of pipes and bolts to design this war machine!

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