Watch: Jarvis, we have a problem! UK inventor's homemade Iron Man suit can fly

Want your own Iron Man suit? Well, here your chance

We all have watched Tony Stark take on the bad guys in the much-hyped Avengers series. We have watched him ward off the aliens, save the world and pull off seriously crazy stunts mid-air. His self-built Iron Man suit represents the zenith of technological advancement, which has not only created a frenzy around the world but also inspired tech enthusiasts to create something larger-than-life. And now a UK-based inventor Richard Browning has developed what looks like a homemade Iron Man suit, which runs on kerosene-powered propulsion engines, and can actually fly. No, seriously.

Admittedly, it’s not as cool as the original Iron Man suit. In fact it frankly looks rather ridiculous, but nonetheless, it’s a good start.

Daedalus is a manned flight suit that uses four miniature kerosene jet engines to help Browning levitate off the ground. It uses a high-speed Wi-Fi connection (which those of us in India know not much about), to display information to the user and can reach up to the speed of 160 km per hour.

Good news is that you too can own a piece of this modern marvel if you have $2,00,000 (Rs 1,29,55,000 approx) to spare, and love for strange-looking gadgets. However, you need to be physically fit to operate this suit with ease.

However, this is not the only Iron Man suit that has been developed in recent years. Last year, a Kerala-based final year Mechanical Engineering student created a wearable replica of the Iron Man suit. Vimal Govind Manikandan’s prototype just cost him just $750 (Rs 50,000 approx). His prototype weighs about 100 kg and can lift upto 150 kgs without much effort.

Is your need to fly bigger than your need to not look like you are cosplaying? Well, this might be your chance.

Take a look: