Nokia 3310 is strong but not resistant to water-- Watch videos

HMD Global launched Nokia 3310 in India last month. The phone features 2MP and 16MP internal space. It is indestructible but not resistant to water

Nokia launched its iconic phone– Nokia 3310 back in 2000. The phone gained immense popularity at the time owing to its ‘indestructible’ built. It was thrown from a height and smashed against a wall and yet it managed to remain intact maintaining its pristinely preserved image. 17 years later, HMD Global, the company that holds exclusive rights to manufacture phones under the brand name Nokia, relaunched the phone with a twist.

Unlike its predecessor, the new Nokia 3310 sports a 2MP rear camera, 2G and Bluetooth for connectivity, 6MP expandable storage and comes in funky new colours (red, blue, yellow and grey). The company began rolling out Nokia 3310 (2017) in selected European market late in April and it arrived in India last month after the anxious fans bombarded the company with their endless queries.

It is no brainer that Nokia 3310 is not exactly a smartphone as it offers nothing in terms of the technical specifications compared to the other phones in the market. Needless to say that the company has gambled the on the mass appeal that this phone once had. Even so, we cannot help but wonder if Nokia 3310 (2017) is as good as the original one?


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To test the durability of the phone, tech enthusiasts of a leading news publication subjected the new Nokia 3310 to a series of drop tests. They dropped it from a pocket, from the height of a shoulder and from the first floor of a building, but the phone managed to come back to life each time. In the next series of tests, they dropped it from the fourth floor of a building. Even though the display was gone, the phone was still turning on. After sustaining a series of torture tests, the phone took its last breathe after it was smashed hard against the wall.

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VERDICT: It’s safe to say that the new Nokia 3310 has some of that ‘indestructible’ charm still intact.

The next challenge for the phone was to survive the tempest. Another tech enthusiast subjected the phone through a series of water test. Nokia 3310 was subjected to a splash of water and was submerged under water for about 30 seconds. Even though the phone was turning on and the camera worked perfectly, the speakers stopped working and there was water in the battery area.

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VERDICT: Nokia 3310 doesn’t stand a chance before water so keep it somewhere safe and dry.

Would you still buy the new Nokia 3310? Well, the choice is all yours.

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