Mother's Day gifts: 7 gadgets that you can surprise your tech savvy mom with

From Kindle and smartphones to Bluetooth speakers and digital photo frames, here are some tech gifts that you can surprise your mother with on mother's day

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour the most important person in our life — Mom. Even Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” The quote, dedicated to mothers, definitely shows the importance of them in our lives. Though we don’t need a day to show importance or celebrate Mother’s Day, this year May 14 is dedicated to all the beautiful mommas. So, what’s your plan? What are you going to gift her this time? If you haven’t planned yet, remember the time when she calls you to learn how to upload a picture on Facebook or how to send birthday wishes to her sister. Well, she has learnt a lot but if she might need to be more tech savvy, gift her some cool gadget. Or if she is not already a tech savvy, here is help for you. So, thank your mom and make her feel special by gifting a gadget.

PS: Make sure to notice that smile on her face.


mother's day, kindle

Kindle (Photo: Dreamstime)

So you mother loves reading? Here is a perfect gift for her. This Mother’s Day, go get a Kindle for your mother. The device will help your mother select novels as per her choice. Also, no more nagging on switching off the lights early, they can easily adjust kindle’s light even at night.
Price: Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 approx


mother's day, smartphone

Smartphone (Photo: Dreamstime)

Smartphones have become a necessity and as the favourite job of our mother is to track us, it is probably the best gift. We understand your budget and so here are few options that you can easily buy. Check these out: One Plus 2, Lenovo P2, Oppo F3 and Moto G5 Plus. These smartphones are easy to use. They have a fingerprint scanner and high-quality camera, to name a few.
Price: Below Rs 20,000

Fitness Tracker

mother's day, Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker (Photo: Dreamstime)

You hate it when your mom asks you to exercise or when she asks you to go for a walk? It’s time to take revenge (pun intended). Gift her a fitness tracker that will keep your mom updated about everything related to her health. This, much-needed gadget, has become a need today. There is nothing better than this a fitness tracker.
Price: Between Rs 899 (Intex Fitwrist) to Rs 11,999 (Fitbit charge 2 wireless activity)

Electronic Leg Massager

mother's day, leg massager, tech gifts

Leg Massager (Photo: Facebook)

Mothers work all day long. From managing their hectic work life to taking care of everyone at home, they never stop. They cook, they clean, they nurse us when we are sick and even though they might be tired, they never stop taking care of us. This Mother’s Day gift your mom a leg massager so that she gets some much-needed rest.
Price: Rs 11,000 approx

Bluetooth Speakers

mother's day, bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speaker (Photo: Dreamstime)

We all love to groove to the beats of our favourite songs. And our mothers are no exception to this rule. Be it the jazzy numbers from the 70’s era or the soulful Sufi songs, our mothers love music as much as we do. So why not gift her a Bluetooth speaker that she can use to listen to her favourite songs whenever she likes.
Price: Rs 900 to Rs 4,000 approx

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Power Bank

mother's day, power bank

Electric Powerbank (Photo: Dreamstime)

There are times when your mother is stuck outside in a traffic jam and her phone’s battery dies out.  And it’s obvious for you to worry. But you can act smart and gift her an electric power bank so that you two always stay connected.
Price: Rs 600 to Rs 2,000 approx

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Digital Photo Frame

mother's day, Digital Photo frame

Digital Photo frame (Photo: Dreamstime)

Memories are a beautiful thing. They give us a chance to relive the most memorable times of our lives. What if we told you that there was a way you could travel back to the time you spend with your mum? Well, a digital photo frame is your answer.
Price: Rs 7,000 approx