These Mother's Day cards for 'Mamas of all kinds' celebrate immigrant and Muslim mothers

This Mother's Day, this NGO is paying tribute to 'mamas of all kinds' by sending e-cards to immigrant and Muslim mothers

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and this group is creating captivating e-cards to honor immigrant and Muslim mothers through their series Mamas Day. Forward Together, an NGO based out of California, brings a unique project of ‘Mamas Day’ annually. Originating from their Strong Families network, Mamas Day is coming out with its sixth edition. Forward Together has been working to ensure that all families have their rights recognized and the required resources they need to thrive.

This Oakland-based multi-racial organization, Forward Together, works for social causes. Their e-cards are a vehicle to highlight those very mothers that are often left at the border or worse, ignored by the mainstream media every year on Mother’s Day. The Mamas Day series is an attempt to bring plurality of voices from the diverse range of families that celebrate Mother’s Day in their own way across the globe.

Considering the impending ban on immigrants that US President Donald Trump wants to turn into law, and the subsequent furore it raged upon the country, this beautiful project is a step towards equality and recognition of those being forced to live on the fringes.

With the social threats on immigrants and Muslims, these cards are the harbinger of hope in light of increased attacks and harassment against these minority groups.

Since 2011, Mamas Day has been bringing a unique voice for families of different origin, where Forward Together utilizes art as an integral part of their movements based on racial, economic and gender justice. The Mamas Day website allows anyone to pick a card and add a customised message for a Muslim or immigrant mom in your life. Wait, it gets even better. The project allows users to extend a physical card to a mom they don’t know.

The Mamas Day website can help you create customised messages like, “We see you. We love you. We support you. Happy Mamas Day.”

Nearly 30 grassroot organizations have taken the onus on themselves to deliver these cards 15,000 immigrant and Muslim mothers across America on Mother’s Day on May 14.

Forward Together has been dedicating their campaign to a marginalized section of mothers from LGBTQ mothers, to mothers of color. Last year Mamas Day cards were sent to immigrant mothers who were being held in U.S. detention centers.