Watch: This super cute Mother's Day video is a gentle reminder that mothers are the best

This Mother's Day special video is every mother and daughter's 'fashion conversation' ever.

Mothers are special. They are super cute, they understand us, they are happy when we are happy, they are sad when we are sad and most importantly, they are the comfort cushion we need to cure all of our worries. With Mother’s Day  just round the corner on May 14, hundreds and thousands of heartwarming messages, videos and posts have been floating on the internet. Merely assigning a single day  for these beautiful, selfless women can never do justice but then, it is a day completely dedicated to her, just to make her feel special and bring a smile on her face.

FilterCopy made this amazing Mother’s Day video titled ‘Fashion Conversations with Mom’ with which every mother and daughter duo would identify with at some point or the other.

Today’s fashion invariably terrifies our mothers, who are from an era where salwar-kameez, sarees, long skirts and in western wear, pants/jeans were the only things in trend. Those tank tops, off-shoulder tops, mini dresses, hot pants, torn jeans are beyond their comprehension.

 FilterCopy has accurately captured all those agreeable and disagreeable points of view that one hears ever so often in a mother – daughter relationship when it comes to fashion. From the daughter’s futile lamentation about having nothing to wear with a cupboard full of clothes to the mother scolding her for buying that torn jeans again, everything is spot-on!
The video has been viewed by more than 691 k Facebook users and today’s Facebook-savvy mothers are completely identifying with the video and tagging their daughters in it and vice-versa. So much love!
Watch the video: