Love gaming? Here are 5 games you can continue playing in 2017

From Pokemon GO to Candy Crush, here are the video games that we just can't get enough of

The year 2016 saw many games taking over the ‘smartphone space’. From the game that made the world chase Pokemon– Pokemon GO, to the game that brought our sweetest childhood memories alive– Super Mario Run, from the game that made the angry birds look funny– Angry Birds Action, to the game that taught us how to fight for our kingdoms– Clash Royale, the year 2016 made us get a bit closer to our smartphones by helping us foster a new bond. (C’mon we all have walked miles to catch that Pikachu. Haven’t we?)

The countdown has officially begun and it’s just four days left for the New Year. But before we bid adieu to 2016, here are five smartphone games that you can continue playing in 2017 (PS: OS no bar):

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush was released in April 2012 and since then it has witnessed an exponential growth in its fan following. Children and adults alike have gotten addicted to the ‘sweet’ and ‘yummilicious’ delights of this game. Simple, easy to play, and mouth-watering candies make this game one of our all time favourites.

2. Pokemon GO

Released in July this year, Pokemon GO quickly rose to the top and became a cult phenomenon. This ‘smart game’ (as we like to call it), not only entertained us but also helped us to stick to our fitness aims by making us walk. If catching a Pikachu or a Charmander wasn’t a bonus already, the game enticed us with its real-life locations and gyms!

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3. Temple Run 2

If Taylor Swift’s ‘We are never ever getting back together’ was a big hit in 2013 try Temple Run 2. Sequel to Imangi Studios’ Temple Run, Temple Run 2 was exhilarating and fun. Though it’s an old one, it will always find space in hearts..ehmm..smartphones!

4. Subway Surfer

Who doesn’t like a dash of thrill in life? Well, if you want to add an overdose of excitement to your life, then Subway Surfer is the game for you. Run from the evil cop, dodge the dog at amazing speed using just your fingers.

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5. Clash Royale

If you thought that swords could be used only in TV shows, think again. With Clash Royale, you can fight battles, form your clans, slay dragons, all without spilling a single drop of blood.