How Monkey is helping millennials to make friends!

It's time to bid adieu to archaic apps like Facebook and Whatsapp coz Monkey will change the way you make friends!

In this hi-tech era where everyone is rushing to catch up with the pace of the fast moving life, fostering friendships that last a lifetime can be a bit difficult. Given the shortage of time that the millennials face owing to the variety of tasks taking precedence on their ‘to-do list’ (Read: college, career, family, health, social life), making new friends seems rather difficult.

Though there are ample apps that help them in connecting with family and friends, the thrill of meeting random strangers with common interests is something that the millennials rarely get to do these days. Even the most popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Viber and Hangout, have lost the simplicity that once made them youth’s best friend by letting them bond over their likes and dislikes. Amid, all these growingly complex platforms, there is one app that is changing the way we connect.

Meet Monkey– an app that is helping the millennials to find friends. For those of you who are wondering what’s so special about this app read on.

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Monkey is a social networking app that is available exclusively for the iOS users (sorry Android users, but Monkey has its biases), and connects random users over a set period of time using SnapChat. Once you are connected with a new person, you can add time to keep chatting. If the other person adds time too, the call goes on. What’s more interesting is that you can even mutually add your new friends on Snapchat.  But there’s a tiny little thing that you should know. Even though Monkey connects you with random people it still needs access to your contact list.

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What’s cooler is the fact that it has been designed by two youngsters– 18-year-old Isaiah Turner and 17-year-old Ben Pasternak. The teen tech wizards believe that Monkey is a platform that the youngsters actually want to use.

Well, the app can be downloaded for free from iTunes and all it asks for is 54 MB space. So are you ready to go on an adventure trip with Monkey??!