Hasselblad has just launched the world's finest camera and predictably we can't afford it

The camera has an effective resolution of 400 MP

A couple of years ago, Swedish camera-maker Hasselblad had unveiled a multi-shot version of its H5D camera with a resolution of 200 MP. Taking its love for high-resolution cameras a step further, Hasselblad has introduced a new multi-shot camera that has a resolution of 400 MP.

If that wasn’t interesting enough to catch your attention, there’s more. The camera captures still images each of which weigh a whopping 2.4 GB!

How the camera works
To capture those head-grabbing 400 MP images, the camera’s sensors are moved one pixel at a time for the first four images to ensure that that real colour data is captured and then the sensor returns to its starting point. The other two images are captured by shifting the sensor by half a pixel horizontally and then half a pixel vertically– which completes the sequence.

These six images are then merged to form a 400 MP image that weighs 2.4 GB. To give you a sense of the pixels you are dealing with, the camera captures– 23200 x 17400 pixels in a single image.

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Capturing an image this big obviously takes a lot of memory and so Hasselblad has a friendly warning for you:

To capture Multi-Shot images the camera must be tethered to a PC or MAC.

Don’t worry, the camera is not only ‘pixel-efficient’ but it is loaded with other interesting features as well. Hasselblad H6D-400c MS camera comes with a variety of features including–3.0-inch touch rear display, HD & UHD video, Wi-Fi, HDMI, true focus II, smartphone-style user interface, dual media card slots (CFast 2.0 and SD card), 30 frames per second (FPS) live view, and USB 3.0 type C connectivity.

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Price and Availability
Talking about the price, the camera costs just $47,995 (Rs 30,64,720 approx). But if you don’t want to spend such a hefty amount, the company has another offer for you. You can rent the camera for $487 for a day (Rs 31,096 approx). The camera is already up for pre-orders and the company would start shipping the device in March this year.