Guess who made it to Pokemon GO?

Stay alert trainers, you might soon encounter Ditto!

To all the Pokemon GO players out there, we have an update that you just don’t want to miss! Niantic Labs just released a brand new Pokemon in the Pokemon GO land and guess who made it home this time- Ditto!

Yes, it’s the same smartass Pokemon that can transform into any Pokemon it is battling (how cool is that!).

But there’s a catch, Ditto, doesn’t appear in its standard form. Rather, it appears as a common Pokemon like Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat. And upon being caught, it transforms into Ditto.

Players have been reporting their encounters and it seems that there is no definitive way of knowing that the Pokemon that you’ve encountered in a Ditto. So, your best bet at catching one is to play along till you have one in your Pokedex.

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Earlier on Monday, the Pokemon GO team announced another major update as a part of its Thanksgiving celebrations. The team said that starting November 23, 2016, and going through November 30, 2016, it would double the amount of XP and Stardust that the players receive on completing in-game actions. Though the company didn’t tie it to a proper ‘Thanksgiving event’, it said that it was ‘a celebration to say Thank You’.

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Earlier in October, Niantic labs had announced a ‘Poke-party’ inviting trainers to catch all the spooky Pokemon, like Ghastly and Gengar, there are in the land of Pokemon. As a part of the event, the players were given a chance to earn double the amount of candy for catching, hatching or transferring Pokemon. The event was the first major Pokemon GO event of the year.