Now you can celebrate Halloween 'Pokemon Go' way

Trainers, are you ready to catch em' all?

Halloween is just a week away and all the Pokemons are gearing up for the biggest party of the year. Confused?


Well, Niantic has announced a ‘Poke-party’ and all the trainers are invited. In a special announcement, the company unveiled that from October 26 to November 1, trainers will encounter more spooky Pokemons than usual. So don’t be startled if you meet Ghastly or Gengar on your way back home.

Furthermore, players will be able to earn double the amount of candy for catching, hatching or transferring Pokemons. Also, buddy Pokemon will help you earn candy four times as fast as usual.

The Halloween event is the first major event launched by the company since Pokemon Go was first launched in July this year. The company also released major updates for its Android and iOS users earlier this week.

So trainers, what are you waiting for? Grab your Poke balls and start catchin’ them all now!