Grindr releases new NSFW emojis and they are pretty kinky

Grindr's new emojis will spice up your life!

Text messages are so old fashioned and they sure don’t convey the message well, especially when you are on a late-night booty call. Emojis, on the other hand, are a good way to convey those unsaid emotions in a perfectly articulate manner as they often leave a lot of room for interpretations while making the conversation way more fun.

Gay dating app Grindr understands this well, and so to make the conversation on its platform more interesting, the app has released a new set of emojis that will spice up your life. The newly introduced naughty emojis include a series of eggplant emojis. From an eggplant with a piercing to an eggplant with a measuring scale, the range is pretty wide for you choose from (eggplant obsession– is that even a thing?!).

But that’s not it, the new emojis also include a handcuffed man, men in weird yoga postures (you would know when you see them) and a T-shaped emoji (not sure if it means Trump or it’s a slang for Marijuana). Interestingly, the new emojis also include kissing emojis for men. However, the inclusion that remains the kinkiest of all the new additions is the one where a monkey is getting spanked on its back (yes, the message is pretty clear).

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From unicorns to men on and under the bunk beds to a banana on a beach, there are plenty of emojis (ehmm…messages) for you to explore. Meanwhile, we spotted a rooster emoji too. Oh! wait, what’s it even doing there!