Good News! YouTube will finally ditch unskippable 30-second ads next year

YouTube is finally ditching its 30-second unskippable ads and we couldn't be more happy about it

Remember those annoying unskippable 30-second ad videos that crop up every time you play a song on YouTube? Well, the word is that the video sharing platform is finally ditching those ads, making watching videos on YouTube a hassle free experience.

A Google executive in an interview to a leading media analysis website said that the company has decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable video ad. The executive further explained that instead of focusing on the larger video formats, the video-sharing website is focusing on shorter video formats that would work well with the users and the advertisers both.

While this brings good news, as the users won’t have to wait for 30-seonds before their video starts playing, it doesn’t mean that the website is bidding adieu to the ads completely. The word is that ads shorter than 30 seconds, like its 20-second ads, will stick around. It also means that you are likely to encounter the shorter six-second ‘bumper ads’ more often than you would like.

The only catch is that it will take some time for YouTube to implement much-awaited this change. The users will have to wait almost a year before the 30-second unskippable torture ends (sighs!).

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YouTube introduced its shorter 6-second ads in April last year to move away from large ad formats. And it seems that the website has finally realised the threat that Facebook, the social media giant that has shifted its focus on videos, possesses. Facebook’s aggressive tactics to become the one pit-stop destination for the Internet users by offering features similar to its competition (read: Snapchat and YouTube) has rattled the social media platforms that now are rushing to introduce new and innovative features. The latest to be gripped by its fear is YouTube, which is now trying to do away with the longer ads to lure users.