From 'Vacation Responder' to 'Canned Messages', here are 10 Gmail features you should start using now

From an Undo send option to a feature that sends an automatic reply while you are away, here are 10 Gmail features you need to start using now. Check out all the features here

In an era when things are happening at a lightening fast speed, time is of the essence. No one has the time to write long emails in the good old fashioned way. ‘Short and simple’ is the theme of this era and most people stick to conveying information in limited wordage. It’s all about how well you convey your message without wasting the precious time of the receiver. Well, we are here to help you do just that.

So here are some Gmail tips and tricks that will simplify your life:

Turn on keyboard shortcuts

For those of you who are used to using their mouse or trackpad for using Gmail, here’s a revelation that will change your life– you can also operate your Gmail account by using keyboard only. The e-mail service is full of shortcuts, but you need to enable them before you start using them. Use Shift + Escape to focus on the main window and Escape to focus on the latest chat.


Keyboard Shortcuts (Photo: Gmail grab)

Keyboard Basics

Even if you don’t manage to remember all the shortcuts, there are some tricks that you can master in no time. All you need to do is remember the right keys. You can click ‘C’ to compose a new message and ‘R’ to reply to a message. Click ‘U’ to go back to your inbox and ‘/’ to activate the search bar. It’s that simple!

gmail shortcuts

Keyboard Basics (Photo: Gmail grab)

Canned Responses

Do you find yourself sending the same message over and over again? Well, you can save a lot of time by using the ‘Canned Message’ option. All you need to do is enable the option and save the message. So, next time you have a similar response to a mail, just use your very own ‘canned’ message.

gmail shortcuts

Canned Images (Photo: Gmail grab)

Mute an email chain

Our inboxes these days are full of conversations and message threads that we no longer wish to see. Well, Gmail has an option that gives you the liberty to mute all such conversations. All you have to do is click on the letter ‘M’ after you have enabled your keyboard shortcuts.

gmail shortcuts

Mute Conversation (Photo: Gmail grab)

Two Panes

Going back to the inbox after reading every email is such a pain. What if we told you that there is a way you can see your inbox and read your mail in the same space. Well, it is very much possible. You just need to enable ‘Preview Panes’ option in the ‘Labs’ section of your account settings.

gmail shortcuts

Two Panes (Photo: Gmail grab)

The ‘Shift’ key

Gmail’s gift to its users is the functionality of the Shift key. You can do a lot by pressing the shift key. For starters, you can not only select and archive multiple messages but also use it to compose a message in a new window.

gmail shortcuts

Shift key (Photo: Gmail grab)

Better Search

Have you ever struggled to find a specific mail in your Gmail account and even on using the most relevant keywords, you haven’t been able to find the mail? Well, there is a way you can get better search results. Just click on the small ‘arrow’ next to the search bar and fill in your search parameters.

gmail shortcuts

Deeper Search (Photo: Gmail)

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Read your mail Offline

Internet connectivity can get a bit tricky at times. And if you happen to be in the middle of an important officially conversation, losing Internet connectivity can be catastrophic. Gmail comes with an ‘offline’ feature that syncs with your account to help you read mail even when you are offline.

gmail shortcuts

Gmail offline (Photo: Gmail grab)

Undo send messages

Has it ever happened to you that you accidentally sent the wrong message to the wrong person? Gmail has an option that will help you recall a sent message with a time period of 10 seconds. But make sure that you have enabled the message before you start experimenting.

gmail shortcuts

Undo Sent Message (Photo: Gmail grab)

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Vacation Auto Responder

Work never ends and officially emails just keep pouring in even when you are out of town for a short trip. But there’s a simple way you can use to send a reply to everyone while you are away to let them know that you will respond to their emails once you are back. All you need to do is enable the Vacation Auto Responder and save the message you want to send.

gmail shortcuts

Vacation Responder (Photo: Gmail grab)

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