Gmail on Android, iOS gets a 'Smart Reply' feature

Google has released 'Smart Reply' feature on its Android and iOS apps. The feature gives you suggestions based on the email you received to respond to the mail quickly

Replying to your all your emails when you are on the go can be a tedious task. From selecting the right phrases to replying actively to the flurry of emails bombarding your mailbox, responding to emails is both time taking and cumbersome. But don’t worry as this is about to change forever as Google is finally releasing its ‘Smart Reply’ feature on its Android and iOS apps.

To recall, Google introduced the smart reply feature in ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app back in 2015. It also works on Allo and on Android Wear devices.

How does the smart reply feature work?
Google’s smart reply feature uses the company’s machine learning technology to suggest you three responses based on the email you have received. Once you have selected the reply that you want to send, you can either send the response immediately or edit it using Google’s smart reply text feature.

Since it is based on artifical intelligence (AI), the smart reply feature will improve its responses as you start using the feature more frequently.

Google will start rolling out the update globally on Android and on iOS platforms in the coming weeks.

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